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OK..Here goes..should I have let him in ??

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bizzey Mon 01-Apr-13 19:32:51

Sorry ..thread title is not as exciting as what it really is !...but my Mum has really upset (and worried me) on her opinion on this ....

Last week I said goodbye to my son at the door as he went to school at 7.30am..

I am still in pj's and early morning mess and go into kitchen to put kettle on for another dose of caffine ...door knocks....I opened the door (without checking) expecting ds to be there ....I even had my silly face on ready to say "what have you forgotten ".....

No was a meter reading man showing his badge ...but without my glasses on it was a blur..

I said I would get them ...closed the door and then came back and gave him the numbers(quickly grabbing a cardigan)....I gave them (through the security chain)!

My mum said I was very "rude" not to have let the poor man in and to close the door on him was awful confused

What would you have done at that time in the morning ...?

musicismylife Mon 01-Apr-13 21:05:29

As far as I'm aware; they always contact you first and don't normally start until after 8.

Flojobunny Mon 01-Apr-13 21:07:58

I would have let him in, I'm quite trusting naive like that but I don't think you were rude not to.

Ratata Mon 01-Apr-13 21:16:23

YANBU. You do not need to let anyone into your property if you don't want to. I don't answer my door if I am in alone during the day unless it's someone I know like a neighbour. Heard reports of people in my city knocking on doors and gaining entry then stealing possessions and/or assaulting the house owner. And they have fake ID (not hard to get a piece of card laminated!). If my husband is in I will answer the door or he will. People may think I am rude or over cautious but I don't really care. If I don't feel comfortable then I don't need to answer. We can phone our energy companies if they need a reading.

floweryblue Mon 01-Apr-13 21:17:29

Utility companies and the police tell us not to let anyone in without checking their credentials, this includes taking the ID of the meter reader and phoning the utility company before allowing access.

I think if you are not in a fit state to permit entry, for whatever reason, then deny it.

You can read your own meter, they can estimate usage, if either are inaccurate you will still end up paying what you owe, and only what you owe.


UniqueAndAmazing Mon 01-Apr-13 21:25:05

music they have to read everyone's meter twicexa year.
of course theyy don't contact you first!

CandyCrushed Mon 01-Apr-13 21:26:28

There was a meter reaing thread recently on MN with lots of interesting info. I was firmly in the let them in and let them do their job Camp but there were plenty in the its my house so I can choose who I let in Camp.

Check their ID and if you want you can double check it by phoning the Utility Company (using the phoe number on your Utility Bill or from online)

It doesn't bother me in the slightest even if I am busy or in my PJ's

OTTMummA Mon 01-Apr-13 21:36:16

My home, my choice IMHO.
I don't know who the person claiming to be the meter reader is do I?
If I don't know you or haven't made an appointment for you to enter my home then you will not be coming in.

When I was 11 I opened my front door and I got kicked so hard in the chest I ended up half way upstairs, that has perhaps clouded my judgement, but I don't care.

ParadiseChick Mon 01-Apr-13 21:50:27

It's no where near as often as twice a year, they have to do a minimum of once every 2 years. You can give them readings as often as you want. With new meters they can see it remotely.

UniqueAndAmazing Mon 01-Apr-13 21:59:55

it usedto be twice a year.
but they try to read it every quarter.

MooMooSkit Mon 01-Apr-13 22:07:54

I think I've only let them in here once since I lived here. I usually can peep out the window and see it's them and don't bother as I submit all my meter readings online anyway!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Mon 01-Apr-13 22:08:11

You're only being unreasonable to be "upset and worried" about this.

Floggingmolly Mon 01-Apr-13 22:10:42

It's actually not always a man; we had a girl last time, early twenties I'd say.
Our meter is in the cellar, I remember thinking how dodgy it would be to have to go down into complete strangers cellars when nobody knows (exactly) where you are...

Cherriesarelovely Mon 01-Apr-13 22:27:20

I can't bear people coming round to do this....I know it's their job, no offence to the meter readers themselves but I find it such an imposition. Also my cupboard is piled high with junk. I don't feel comfortable inviting strangers into my house either. Thank goodness I now get an email request for a meter reading which I email back.

midastouch Mon 01-Apr-13 22:32:18

I did this same thread not so long ago. Personally i think YANBU its your home yoou dont have to let anyone in

minicreamegg Mon 01-Apr-13 22:39:27

This happened to me last week, I had a screaming ill baby on my hip, 2 large dogs barking mental behind me and he still wanted to come inhmm. I asked him if he could come back and then I said infant I'll phone my reading in. He replied "well it's just I've got to read so many in one day" I felt terrible as it was near 5pm on a Friday. It is the 1st time I've said no tho.

FannyFifer Mon 01-Apr-13 22:41:04

I really don't like letting meter readers in when I am alone in the house.

I told one guy that it wasn't convenient and he was really pissed off and said "FFS do you think I'm going to attack you or something?"
I said no its just not convenient and he went away moaning.

DoJo Mon 01-Apr-13 22:58:38

Meter readers don't always contact you first - at least I've never been contacted by one but they are definitely legit as the next bill from energy company has mentioned it. I would have let him in, but then I'm just as likely to be in my PJs with crap everywhere at 3 in the afternoon so you can't go by my standards!

Maggie111 Mon 01-Apr-13 23:25:58

I let the meter reader in, he always comes round early - I presume catching people before work.

But I would not be happy if he knocked at 7.30! shock

You are not rude to not let him him - no matter the time of day. It is your house and if it's that important your meter got read the Head Office can arrange an appointment so you can be prepared and feel safe. I understand why they don't do that - but you're not rude to deny them access to your home in other circumstances!

MusicalEndorphins Tue 02-Apr-13 06:34:00

No, you were not rude, and I am sure he didn't think that you were either.

TheFallenNinja Tue 02-Apr-13 06:36:08

Nothing wrong with safety first

Enfyshedd Tue 02-Apr-13 06:57:57

The only time I've known a meter reader to come around where I live now was when DD was 3mo (I work in an office, DP works from home so he deals with it all). He allowed the meter reader to check the electric meter by the front door, but refused to let him come downstairs to check the gas meter because the cupboard is above the sofa where I was at that time BFing DD, so not really convenient for a total stranger to take a peek! Other than that, I've always checked their ID, then let them in - although in my old home the meters were right next to the front door.

MusicalEndorphins Wed 03-Apr-13 13:04:09

I refused to let the fire dept in many years ago. (It was about 36 years ago!) I lived alone (with my baby son) in a house divided into several apartments/flats. One day I got a knock on my door. I asked who it was, and then went to a window and looked outside. I asked in a very suspicious voice "Where's your truck?" I then heard them laughing. blush Anyways, I got their ID numbers and names and called the fire dept. and checked before I opened the door. I don't even remember what they were there for, probably a check of the smoke alarm or something...although that does seem kind of unusual!

MusicalEndorphins Wed 03-Apr-13 13:06:21

PS. Maybe your mother would like you to be as friendly as my 2 girlfriends. A guy came around selling vacumn cleaners, they offered him a beer, one thing led to another and he didn't leave until the next day.

MsTakenidentity Wed 03-Apr-13 13:16:41

MusicalEndorphins >

MusicalEndorphins Thu 04-Apr-13 09:27:35

If only the internet existed years ago, I could have sent them that clip!

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