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to suggest you CAN do links on a tablet/ipad?

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BrunellaPommelhorse Sun 31-Mar-13 14:47:43

you just highlight the address by holding down your finder. select copy

then hold down finger on area you are pasting it to, until it pastes, and... er paste

pompompom Sun 31-Mar-13 14:52:28

Yeah, its not too difficult but it can be a pita

landofsoapandglory Sun 31-Mar-13 14:53:57

YANBU. DS2 taught me, it is really easy.

starfishmummy Sun 31-Mar-13 14:58:06

I can do it on my android phone, so yes, yanbu

jamaisjedors Sun 31-Mar-13 15:01:28

And on that subject, is it that hard to tick the "convert links automatically" box at the bottom?

Or maybe it is, no ipad here! smile

CleverClod Sun 31-Mar-13 15:23:44

I've only had my iPad mini for a few weeks, therefore it's all very new to me, and wondered why everyone kept saying they couldn't do links, I found how to do it by not knowing you couldn't and simply trying smile

dearcathyandclare Sun 31-Mar-13 15:29:56

I've just tried following your instructions and can't find 'copy' on my tablet. Whereabouts is it? Or is it because mine's a samsung not an I pad?

maddening Sun 31-Mar-13 15:53:28

I do them on my phone - samsung galaxy3

I do think tthat all posts should convert links automatically rather than having to tick a box

carben Sun 31-Mar-13 15:54:14


maddening Sun 31-Mar-13 15:55:09

Normally if you highlight it then hold down on it the options to copy it.

EMUZ Sun 31-Mar-13 15:55:41

And if you put [[ ]] round the link it makes it clickable on the mobile app

carben Sun 31-Mar-13 15:56:06

I've copied and pasted but why doesn't it make it into an actual underlined link ?

INeedThatForkOff Sun 31-Mar-13 15:56:16

I can do it on my Android. Bit of a faff putting brackets round to turn a word into a link but only because I have to select the brackets from a different part of the keyboard.

carben Sun 31-Mar-13 15:58:19

carben Sun 31-Mar-13 15:58:55

Yeah !

Trills Sun 31-Mar-13 16:01:44

YANBU to suggest that one can do links on a tablet or phone

YABU to suggest that you can do it, because the "you" who is being addressed might actually be a bit crap unable to do them because they are a bit crap of some reason.

dearcathyandclare Sun 31-Mar-13 17:49:46

Thanks Maddening, by jove I think I've got it!

TapselteerieO Sun 31-Mar-13 18:04:37

It is easy to do a link, I wouldn't post if I couldn't be bothered to do a link. I don't tend to look up a web address where a poster hasn't made them into a link. Here is a YouTube guide. I haven't watched it, because I know it is easy to post a link on my ipad/iPhone.


stressyBessy22 Sun 31-Mar-13 18:41:00

Could I respectfully remind you that there are about a hundred different forums on MN.Why not take a few seconds to look for an appropriate one instead of just prefixing technical tip with AIBU.

Fakebook Sun 31-Mar-13 18:49:04

I received an iPad mini yesterday as a gift and its easier to do links on this than my iPhone. Less fiddly.

BrunellaPommelhorse Sun 31-Mar-13 20:01:05

We no. Ill fecking post it where I like.

As you were.

ElphabaTheGreenAndBlacks Sun 31-Mar-13 20:09:00

YANBU. I've always been mystified by posters who say, 'I'm on my phone so I can't do links right now...' Eh?

And AIBU is one of the highest traffic areas, you YANBU to post such an utterly reasonable piece of advice here where there is the highest chance of the technologically crippled challenged seeing it!

Dereksmalls Sun 31-Mar-13 20:13:47

Oh, I just assumed when people said that they must have diffent brands of phone to me ie not an iPhone. I do links all the time.

Trills Sun 31-Mar-13 20:26:40

It' not about high traffic. t's about whether answering "YABU" or "YANBU" makes any sense. And here it does.

BigBoobiedBertha Sun 31-Mar-13 20:34:33

YANBU. They are very easy on a tablet and even on a phone (despite me needing glasses to see properly on the phone so a bit more of a faff).

This isn't a technical tip, it's a moan about people who can't be bothered to work out how to do links and use their choice of device as an excuse. Ideal AIBU fodder if you ask me.

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