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to be disappointed in Google

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Goldmandra Sun 31-Mar-13 12:53:07

I went to look at their homepage this morning expecting to find some lovely imaginative Eastery treat and it's just the normal homepage sad

When they do their special ones like the ice rink game at Christmas or their musical page can you find them again later on or are they gone once they're gone?

StealthPolarBear Sun 31-Mar-13 12:55:46

yes that's weird, why don't they have an Easter themed one?

nextphase Sun 31-Mar-13 13:01:27

Yep, you can get the old doodles


Goldmandra Sun 31-Mar-13 13:59:47

Thank you! smile

HollaAtMeBaby Sun 31-Mar-13 14:04:09

I have a feeling they avoid doing "doodles" to mark religious holidays.

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