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To tell dh I'd rather he didn't go out tonight

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orderinformation Sat 30-Mar-13 21:49:57

Got home at 9.00pm as been visiting family. Both kids fell asleep in car and we carried them up to bed. I said I'm also going to bed as bad night last night with both kids waking and also clocks change tonight so we lose an hour.

Anyway ten mins ago he says in that case would I mind if he goes out.

I said I do mind because:

- I will not sleep properly until he's safely home which if he's going now means after midnight at least thus negating the early night

- I do night wakings as he is very heavy sleeper and never wakes so I would end up waking him up to do it and we'd both be knackered so instead he takes dc downstairs at 7am and I catch up for hour or two. Partic need this at moment as dc2 is three months. But if dh not home until late either he does this still but spends tomorrow knackered. Which you might say is not my problem but it is if it ruins our family Easter day or he needs afternoon sleep. Or I don't get my lie in catch up which is fine if tonight is ok but not if it's another bad one.

So I said in all honesty because I am so tired I'd prefer him not to and he said ok but is now downstairs sulking and I am upstairs feeling bad though am bf and then going to sleep and at least won't be lying here awake until he's safely home.


CherylTrole Sun 31-Mar-13 23:35:13

Is this stupid thread still going? Crappy po shite grin
Go suck a magnum.......

motherhen1949 Sun 31-Mar-13 23:39:07

It always worries me when any one stops one of the pair going out seeing mates ect and effectivly useing emotiaol balckmail to stop your oh going out is hmm

Its not his job to help you sleep hes not a chikd and should be allowed to go when he wants i just wonder of those who agree would say if if the roles were reversed

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