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to think our local florist is taking the Mick?

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NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sat 30-Mar-13 19:50:38

We're lucky enough to live in a village/suburb of a small city and we have our own little high street. It's very traditional and very old fashioned in a smart kind of stylee.

We've got a butcher, fishmonger, a smart women's clothes shop which sells Joules etc and a children's shoe shop which also has nice little outfits...card shops, gift shop, office...couple of cafe's and a nice swishy get the picture...the florist is a stylish one and quite expensive.

I looked at their display today...full of pots of primroses, mini daffodils etc and also....a tray of vintage cups with flowers in them priced at £8.50 each. The cups were yesterday on sale in the charity shop over the road for 2 quid for 6!

I almost went in and said "Recycling is great but don't take the piss!"

Nobody will buy them will they?

KatyTheCleaningLady Sat 30-Mar-13 19:52:52

YABU, probably.

Charity shops sell things that can be resold at a higher price all the time. And if they have flowers in them that would make them a nice gift... Why not?

trinity0097 Sat 30-Mar-13 19:52:59

They probably will!

RobotLover68 Sat 30-Mar-13 19:53:25

Actually I think YABU - they've seen an opportunity and are looking to capitalise- it's a free market

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sat 30-Mar-13 19:53:46

You're right...I just think ffs! Get your vintage cups from a shop that's NOT over the road you eejits!

Elkieb Sat 30-Mar-13 19:55:36

If it's Market Harborough then I'm not surprised!

MrsLouisTheroux Sat 30-Mar-13 20:17:15

I don't understand the problem!
The charity shop priced up the cups, the florist bought them, stuck in a few flowers and labelled them £8.50.
If someone is stupid enough to buy an old teacup and a few flowers for £8.50 they deserve to be ripped off.
The charity shop got the price they asked for so no loss there.

zlist Sat 30-Mar-13 20:20:41

They are running a business and they gave the charity shop their business. It is entirely up to the customer whether or not they are prepared to pay the £8.50

heidihole Sat 30-Mar-13 20:21:19

YABU. That is how business works. Buy stock cheaper, add value, and sell more expensively.

olivertheoctopus Sat 30-Mar-13 23:43:36

YABU. Nice idea to buy from local charity shop and support local businesses and make some money too.

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 30-Mar-13 23:47:57

Yabu they are supporting local business whilst making the most of their own.

I would be please with anyone that gave me a profit line like this one!

Bluelightsandsirens Sat 30-Mar-13 23:48:47


MissEverdeen Sun 31-Mar-13 09:22:52

Elkieb I thought exactly the same thing!! grin

Tee2072 Sun 31-Mar-13 10:37:37

Yes. That's how capitalism works.

Do you think Tesco pays the same £2 for the package of biscuits that you pay them? Of course not. They have a mark up.

The florist saw a good deal and took advantage of it. Good on them.

MurderOfGoths Sun 31-Mar-13 10:39:18

YABU. Also, that's a damn good idea, my MIL would adore those!

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