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to think sis is out of order?

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appletarts Fri 29-Mar-13 19:07:11

I left dd (3yrs old) with sister all day and she was recovering from being ill, dd that is. She has only spent time alone with sis once before and not all day. Just as I was leaving sister said she hoped I wouldn't be phoning a lot, I said I would phone as much as I felt I needed to and she said that if I did she didn't want to look after dd (all this with dd standing there!). I said I would phone if I felt I needed to because I am her mother and she said laughing oh well I won't answer it then!! She also went on and on about taking dd to library when dd was still a bit ill.

The next day dd said that sis didn't cuddle her when she cried. I thought it sounded a bit odd but sis can also be very frosty. So I asked sis what dd had said and sis said she did cuddle her and she thinks in future we ought to pay a nanny as I am "suspicious and anxious" and she can't just get on with enjoying babysitting. I honestly thought she'd say of course she had cuddled her and we'd have a giggle about dd being a bit of a minx. I didn't feel suspicious and anxious but want to feel I can call to see how they are doing and if dd tells me something has happened I will ask cos that's what a good mother does surely?!

She has only babysat for dd a couple of times in 3 years. She plays lots of mind games with us and I think her responses here are odd to say the least.

waltermittymissus Sun 31-Mar-13 00:06:00

Bat. Shit. Crazy.

pinkyredrose Sun 31-Mar-13 11:21:30

OP is busy reading the Daily Mail and stroking her chin.

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