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Tactless holiday raving

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Redwhine Fri 29-Mar-13 06:17:54

I know I am.... I just need to vent.
Here in the land that spring forgot, where white witches ride past in sledges and both DCs have had hacking coughs for about, oh, three months, we would kill for a bit of sunshine. So this morning I muttered dark words on recieving a gushing email from my parents, raving about their luxury holiday villa in, well, insert name of posh, hot destination, golden sand 'azure' waters, private stretch of beach, swimming pool etc. I honestly don't begrudge them a lovely holiday, they deserve it. They work so hard. They are lovely.

I just could have done without the details. The wording. On this cold, cold morning. Just a 'here safely, it's lovely' would have sufficed. Am I a horrible cow?

Phineyj Fri 29-Mar-13 06:21:34


LtEveDallas Fri 29-Mar-13 06:22:21



(But I know how you feel)

Sirzy Fri 29-Mar-13 06:25:09

You are being a bit unreasonable but I think most people would feel a pang of jealously.

Better start preparing yourself for when they get home and tell you all about it now tbough!

MsAkimbo Fri 29-Mar-13 06:41:23

As long as you didn't reply said dark words on the email, you're in the clear.

cupcake78 Fri 29-Mar-13 06:46:41

Even I'm a little cross with them! Do they not realise we are all suffering. I'd do anything for warmth and sunshine. When I say anything I really think I mean anything.

Stinkyminkymoo Fri 29-Mar-13 06:50:38

At least they didn't FaceTime! My parents skip so they can talk to the baby.

It's lovely & all but I really don't want to see the Maldives in all their sunshiny glory when it's arctic outside!! grin

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