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help... relationship advise

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Gemziewooo Thu 28-Mar-13 20:03:12

So fed up, feel trapped and wondering if anyone else is in the same situation.

I have a partner and have been with him for 6 years now. We have two children ages 4 and 3! I am so unhappy. For all the years we have been together my partner has always thought he was right and i was in the wrong. Everytime we argue he goes off out and i dont see him for days, mostly weekends on the drink. He has been in and out of jobs due to the recession. However he has lost jobs because has stayed off on.mondays due to hangover. I can tell when he wants to go off because he tries to start arguments so he has an excuse to storm.out. He keeps his wage and forgets the times he had no job n i had to keep him. He forgets he has treat me like dirt all these years. He always tries to blame me n say i always go on. I work wveryday and also fo to college 4 days a week. I sort the kids out and make sure house chores i are done everyday. Dont get me wrong most weeks he does gigive me money but goes on as if i should be greatful, the money does help me alot but it feels that he has this hold over me as if he could go off anytime he wants and not pay his keep. I do want to leave and eveeytime i mention i am not happy he goes off on one and turns it round on me. All i have done since being with him.and with him is go to work and make sure my kids hve everything they nees. My bills get paid others.

momma39 Thu 28-Mar-13 21:26:35

darling think about you and your children.
my marriage ended in 1996 my daughters were young.
it was very hard but we survived and now my daughters and I have a wonderful relationship all of them went to university all have done well for themselves.
and all wished we had split up earlier as they remember all the arguments

cupcakemumma Sat 30-Mar-13 22:12:34

Take care and out of this situation before it gets any worse.

HollyBerryBush Sat 30-Mar-13 22:15:26

Exactly how is this person enhancing your life and that of your children?

If you are asking for advice, then you already know the answer and just want validation of your decision.

So pack his bag and stick it on the doorstep.

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