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To be annoyed that ds has been left upset by end of term 'treat'?

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lecce Thu 28-Mar-13 19:48:28

He is in a mixed class of Yrs 1&2 and they watched 'Matilda' today. At bedtime ds (just 6 Yr1) became quiet and withdrawn and said he couldn't get the scary teacher from the film out of his head. He stayed quiet throughout his story and put his head under the blanket when I left (he ALWAYS reads himself when I go, but not tonight).

What really annoys me is that he says he did tell the teacher he was finding it scary and she just said, "it's alright." Well, it wasn't, was it? AIBU to think she could have offered him another activity to do, maybe in the quiet corner away from the screen? I am a teacher (secondary) and have been known to crack open the dvds at the end of term, so I know exactly how she will have been feeling today, and I am very happy for him to enjoy watching a film with his peers, but surely she could have been more caring? She sounds cold and dismissive, from what ds says. He has only been in the school since Feb, so we don't know her well, but ds says she shouts a lot.

Surely he's not the only 5/6 who wouldn't enjoy Matilda? There are so many other films that I'm sure the whole range of 5-7 year olds could have enjoyed together - why pick this one?

AIBU to think that the film should not have been chosen in the first place, and that the teacher should have done more when ds told her he was scared? He's had problems finding playmates at breaktimes and I'm always encouraging him to tell an adult and now, when he does tell an adult something, he's given the brush off. angry.

lecce Fri 29-Mar-13 07:45:57

Thanks, complex. Our whole dept fell out with each other yesterday, 'tis good old end-of-term tiredness smile. Have a good holiday!

complexnumber Fri 29-Mar-13 08:01:07

That's very gracious of you lecce. I'm not rude and judgey, just knackered and grumpy.

Enjoy your hols as well.

myBOYSareBONKERS Fri 29-Mar-13 08:04:27

I have this same issue. My son has ASD and in year 5. There is one Christmas film that he is terrified of and runs out screaming and the mear mention of it.

SO they didn't put it on once at Christmas but TWICE in the same week despite knowing his reaction. Fortunately a friend works at the school and told the teacher (I was unaware of the film as ours do not ask permission) that it was unfair . . . . . . so he was allowed the treat of cleaning up other peoples mess in the hall after lunch.

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