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To ask if you could punch a cake, which cake would you punch?

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littlemissbunny Thu 28-Mar-13 19:25:56

Inspired by Marmalades thread, I have been thinking about how much fun cake punching would be!

I would like to punch a Victoria sponge, all that jam and cream splattering would be very satisfying grin

So what cake would you punch?

Inertia Thu 28-Mar-13 19:30:45

Coffee and walnut. Two of the world's most hideous foodstuffs in a cake that looks deceptively like nice carrot cake.

Lemon drizzle cake got an unfairly hard time on that thread - I love lemon drizzle cake (no it's not me smile )

NotAnotherPackedLunch Thu 28-Mar-13 19:33:24

Can I be awkward and punch a bakewell tart instead of a cake?
They always look very smug.

prettyfly1 Thu 28-Mar-13 19:35:59

Definitely those god-awful giant cupcakes - because hand-held sized piles of sickly sweet disgustiness arent awful in their own right someone decided they could be BIGGER. Bleurgh... Plus all that icing would make a really satisfying mess....

hazeyjane Thu 28-Mar-13 19:36:14

Battenburg, I would batter a battenburg.

BeingAWifeIsNotForMe Thu 28-Mar-13 19:36:59

Rum Baba quite like rum punch

LeonardoAcropolis Thu 28-Mar-13 19:37:20

The chick cake in Asda

Emilythornesbff Thu 28-Mar-13 19:38:06

Well definitely not a cornflake cake - too shardy with possibility of splinter injury.

Probably a Madeira cake (large) for its shock absorbing properties. Also, no frosting to have to clean from hands.
Yes, Madeira cake please.

Badvoc Thu 28-Mar-13 19:38:10

Any cake with vegetables in <narrows eyes at people who eat this shit>
I would punch the fuck out of a courgette cake and enjoy doing so.
Vegetables in cake!

ShatnersBassoon Thu 28-Mar-13 19:38:53

A boring madeira. It's a cake for people who don't know what they like.

TiggyD Thu 28-Mar-13 19:38:53

Overpriced cupcake. Particularly if it was a millimetre from the cake maker's face.

Emilythornesbff Thu 28-Mar-13 19:38:53

grin @ Leonardo

CryptoFascist Thu 28-Mar-13 19:39:11

I would karate chop a Yule Log.

WowOoo Thu 28-Mar-13 19:39:21


TastesLikePanda Thu 28-Mar-13 19:40:13

Coconut cake.

Especially when it is masquerading as a naice cake!

Emilythornesbff Thu 28-Mar-13 19:40:24

The other good thing about punching a Madeira is I don't think anyone would miss it. As indicated by shatnersbassoon

ShatnersBassoon Thu 28-Mar-13 19:40:44

Meringue is definitely not cake. You have to choose again, WowOoo.

Madamecastafiore Thu 28-Mar-13 19:41:36

Battenburg, feckin vile stuff. Pink and yellow and marzepan, Bleugh.

LeonardoAcropolis Thu 28-Mar-13 19:42:04

Any cake made by Paul Hollywood

seriouscakeeater Thu 28-Mar-13 19:42:47

Chocolate fudge cake from cost co but then I would lick it of my hands grin

WillYouDoTheBunnyHop Thu 28-Mar-13 19:45:29

A black forest gateau, who ruins a perfectly good chocolate cake with cherries? Plus it would be satisfyingly squidgy

GetOeuf Thu 28-Mar-13 19:45:37

One of those barbie cakes where the cake is Barbie's dress. Punch barbie right in the kisser.

Or a wedding cake, a three tiered one. Smack the top tier right down through the levels.

Very pristinely iced royal icing christmas cakes could do with being scribbled on in black pen.

Beehatch Thu 28-Mar-13 19:45:41

One of those smug Red Velvet jobbies for sure, smack them upside their evil beetrooty souls I would.

ItsAllTLAsToMe Thu 28-Mar-13 19:46:48

Any nutty cake. FFS, why ruin a perfectly nice cake with nuts?

seriouscakeeater Thu 28-Mar-13 19:50:09

get grin

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