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To rant and rave to get good service?

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Fairyliz Wed 27-Mar-13 12:42:59

Over the last couple of years several things have happened that have not been nice - child bullied at school/probs with gas supply/missing money from account/ lost deliveries etc.
Now I understand that sometimes in life things go wrong and people make mistakes. If someone points out that I have made an error at work I first of all apologise then try and put it right and if I can't refer it to my manager. However I am starting to feel in the minority, I have found that if you polietly point out an error people ignore you or lie about the facts. The only way to get a resolution is to shout and be quite agressive. For example the bank lost some of my money and tried to fob me off for weeks. In the end they had to pay me £250 compensation for bad service but only after I had shouted at several people.

I hate having to be like this but it seems the only way, AIBU?

Bunraku Wed 27-Mar-13 16:01:50

I find writing letters to CEO's gets a good result 99% of the time. Shouting at branch staff/call centre agents is generally pointless imo as having worked in that background myself, your hands are pretty much tied for some stuff, other stuff requires communication with other departments which can become lost ect, and on odd occasions the person that handles your call is new, doesn't know what do to, or can't be bothered to do it.

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