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Children not giving up seats for guests at home

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Jefferson Mon 25-Mar-13 17:43:05

I wasn't really sure how to word the title. It doesn't sound right but I'll try to explain! This is a very very trivial Aibu by the way.

Went to visit some family friends of my inlaws yesterday. There was me DH, Mil, Fil, Sil and Bil. At the house was their friend, her daughter and her grandson (not this duaghter's son).

When we got there, we sat down but there was a lack of seating with 7 adults so the aunt of the boy asked him to move off the armchair he was in and to sit on the floor or at the dining table so Bil could sit down. The boy (7 yr old) refused and said 'I was say here first so the seat is mine'. Aunt sighed and then dragged a dining chair from across the room for Bil to sit down.

Was this rude of the child or not? I thought it was but then I have no clue as to how children are meant to behave. My DS is only 18 months and tbh if he refused to let a guest sit down as a 7 yr old I would be a bit embarrassed but short of dragging him off armchair there was very little aunt could do

Don't know if it makes any difference but we are all Indian and culturally (sweeping statement) Indians are very OTT when it comes to hospitality. The guest is king and all that!

AIBU to think it was rude of the child not to give up his seat? Just interested in the right etiquette really

livinginwonderland Mon 25-Mar-13 21:28:30

I still do this and I'm 24! I went on holiday with my parents and family friends in September (all 40's plus in age) and if I was on the sofa or something, I still gave up my seat for the beanbag/floor/uncomfortable chair for someone older. It's just basic manners, like at my house if there aren't enough chairs, I'll get up for a guest.

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