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to be all hot and bothered over Chris Hemsworth?

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WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 17:32:49

Just that really.

Watched Thor last night (bit late to the party, I know) after watching Avengers Assesmble and wanting to get the backstory (still have Iron Man 1 & 2 and Captain America to watch yet) and am today unable to get the man out of my head!

Feel like a right old perv - anyone else think he's sex on a stick?

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:19:46

According to 'celebrity heights and weights' (what a great website - not!) Jeremy Renner is 5'8" - same height as me. That'd work.

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:20:49

And he shares DP's birthday! Something in the water methinks.

MrsBertMacklin Mon 25-Mar-13 19:21:53

5'8 sounds right. RDJ is definitely in the 5'7/5'8 region and he's the same height as him in photos.

I'm going to clear my search history now. blush

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:23:31

So are we saying that the Avengers are all short-arses? I might have to watch it again for 'research purposes' wink

MrsBertMacklin Mon 25-Mar-13 19:24:31

YouTheCat Shane Black's an amazing screenwriter. I have very high hopes for IM3.

Have you got Watchmen in your DVD collection?

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:26:03

I've seen Watchmen. I even read the graphic novel and was 'whaaaaa'? Made a really visual film and I enjoyed it muchly.

Tee2072 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:29:25

Well Chris Hemsworth is 6'3", Chris Evans is 6'0.5".

The rest are under 6 feet.

I'm only 5'2". So I'm good with any of them. grin

::thinks of being the filling in a Jeremy and Mark sandwich::

I'll be in my bunk....

YouTheCat Mon 25-Mar-13 19:31:05

I have Watchmen. It is brilliant. grin

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:33:42

Chris Evans is 6'5"? Wowza! Probably asking a stupid question, but does anyone know how they made him look so short and weedy at the beginning of Captain America? Was it a case of literally superimposing his head onto someone elses body?

Renner and Hemsworth sandwich this end. Feels lightheaded...

PersonalClown Mon 25-Mar-13 19:35:20

It's official. Chris Hemsworth is mine as I stand a glorious 6 ft and he won't be fussed if I wear 4 inch heels!

Tee2072 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:35:27

No, sorry, 6 feet 1/2 inch. I knew that wasn't clear!

It was CGI, like how they did the Hobbits.

Nancy66 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:42:28

Whenever I see a very over-pumped body I think: tiny todger.

YouTheCat Mon 25-Mar-13 19:49:14

I don't think that is always the case though.

Arnie is supposed to be rather blessed. grin

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:49:19

Tee, ah, that would explain Captain America's oversize, hairy feet then grin

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:50:06

Youthecat - you've essentially ruined this thread by mentioning Arnie sad

Tee2072 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:51:43

Yeah, the Super Soldier Serum took care of the feet. grin

And it's only tiny todger time if they use steroids to beef up. I have no idea if that's what Chris and Chris did or if they just worked out a lot. I know Chris H put on about 30 pounds of muscle to play Thor in the movie of the same name.

YouTheCat Mon 25-Mar-13 19:53:00

Aw sad

But I like Arnie.

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:55:03

grin@'tiny todger time'. Line of the night!

30lb of muscle - drools...

Tee2072 Mon 25-Mar-13 19:57:54

I was fairly pleased with that line myself. grin

carlajean Mon 25-Mar-13 20:07:55

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is excellent! Loved Iron Man I but number II was absolute pants IMO and have no great hope for IM III. Best RDJ clip is this

WyrdMother Mon 25-Mar-13 20:26:08

Tee2072!!!!! Jayne Cobb.

Another appropriate quote considering I'm undecided between Bruce Banner, Hawkeye and Iron Man "I just get excitable as to choice - like to have my options open."

Of course he was talking about grenades...

WorriedMummy73 Mon 25-Mar-13 20:28:28

Carlajean - I had completely forgotten about that Elton John video! How lush is RDJ in that?

grin him and his brothers...there are 3 of them!!!....ooooooft grin

MrsBertMacklin Mon 25-Mar-13 20:31:31

YouTheCat has killed my ladyboner by mentioning Arnie, too.

Tee2072 Mon 25-Mar-13 20:34:13

See, it's not so much Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo.

It's Hawkeye and Dr Bruce Banner.

I've recently seen Bourne whatsis with Jeremy and nothing could save that movie, not even my beloved Hawkeye.

So, perhaps the Hawkeye/Banner sandwich is what's really driving me to my bunk.

And grin WyrdMother. ::geek fist bump::

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