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To think jogging with a baby under six months is ridiculous?

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stopgap Fri 22-Mar-13 22:01:08

Okay, so I live in Workout Central (Manhattan) but I am dumbfounded by the number of women who attach a car seat to a stroller (not even a jogging stroller in many cases) and go running in the park, often with teeny tiny newborns on board.

Am I being too PFB about this? My own paediatrician gave me the go-ahead to run with DS when he was six months, but it seems like I'm in the minority.

AIBU? Is this phenomena purely an exercise-crazy American thing?

WoTmania Thu 28-Mar-13 11:12:15

I thought you were going to say with them in a sling or something. YABU

Pigsmummy Thu 28-Mar-13 11:09:06

The car seat will be much more secure than a pram/lying flat option which I wouldn't entertain for running.

Pigsmummy Thu 28-Mar-13 11:01:51

The car seat is the safest thing for them to be in and it won't harm the baby at all, the vast majority of chassis that fit the car seat will also be the chassis for the pushchair so what makes you think that they are not suitable? the vast majority of these, even four wheeled ones have suspension built in and I guess that these women are running through parks/pavements (side walks) rather than rough terrain? All that lovely fresh air for baby and exercise for Mummy! YABU

Step Thu 28-Mar-13 10:31:15


9 months of no running when PG, then at last freedom to run and the baby sleeps too whilst he's being pushed. He's happy.. I'm happy, you're not. Tough.

lljkk Thu 28-Mar-13 08:39:48

er, aren't supermarket trolley seats shaped exactly like bucket car seats? confused

I think the anecdotal evidence is pretty compelling that babies are a lot tougher than much of this evidence makes out.

forevergreek Thu 28-Mar-13 07:35:42

Sure, but if you live 45 mins from supermarket, then those people should def make sure they aren't pushing baby around supermarket in car seat but take them out and place in trolley seat/ pram if with someone/ sling. As just there and back is already 90 minutes.

Like I said people can choose to do what thy like, but maybe they should research a little first.

gwenniebee Wed 27-Mar-13 20:09:08

Forever, we were told 90 minutes. I don't mean to be flippant about it, because I know it is a genuine issue, but if you were restricted to 30 mins lots of people near where I live (rural) would rarely be able to get to a big supermarket, let alone visiting relatives etc. On the other hand, it does mean there is no need to drive before you run - just get out the door!

allbie Mon 25-Mar-13 20:40:22

I ran till I was 28 wks pregnant then ran with my DS from 4 months in a great buggy. I ran with him till he was 4 and he loved it. We both got an awful lot out of it. We ran for half an hour, 4 times a week. He is my fourth child and I am still running in the morning when I drop him at school. My eldest son, 19 yrs, now runs and I am glad to see that I have given my children a very positive example. Can't wait till my kids have kids and expect their partners to run with them! Ho! MIL from hell,eh?

forevergreek Mon 25-Mar-13 20:04:44

A baby shouldn't be in a car seat more than 30 mins at a time. So for most that's a 10 min walk to park and back, leaving 10 mins to jog, not much point really.

Longer than 30 mins shouldnt be a daily thing, but ok of visiting relatives etc. a babies windpipe is like a non bendy straw, so add a kink in that and they can't breathe properly.

gwenniebee Mon 25-Mar-13 17:20:28

There are a few people on here saying about car seats not being suitable for long periods, too - which is true, but only the most fitness-keen new mums would be running for longer than the 90 minutes which is the recommended maximum time to be in a car seat! In my case the baby was in the seat for about 25 minutes, I reckon.

VisualiseAHorse Sun 24-Mar-13 19:30:04

I can't see it being very bumpy to be honest - as long as the parent is running on a concrete type path, it should be quite smooth.

KobayashiMaru Sun 24-Mar-13 19:20:21

Could just wrap them up in layers of cotton wool......

RubyGates Sun 24-Mar-13 18:56:42

Flat-backed helmets available for use in push-chairs?
Oh my.

Wishihadabs Sun 24-Mar-13 12:18:18

Hypatia how is it potentially dangerous ? Health and safety gone mad. You and your pfb are far more likely to die from preventable obesity related conditions.

HypatiaTheProcrastinator Sat 23-Mar-13 21:47:41

It is potentially dangerous for babies whether people believe it or not. And helmets are a very good idea to prevent brain damage (you can get flat backed ones for use in pushchairs). It's easy to think there are no issues doing it, but you can't see minor brain damage immediately and it would be easy to never notice. Babies can be falling asleep because they feel dizzy or are having head rushes, not necessarily because they find it soothing. There is a big difference in terrains though and proper jogging pushchairs will absorb shocks from the ground as well as from the runner bouncing the handlebar. I don't think the risks are worth the benefits personally even if they're small risks, and I find it painful to see people jogging with inappropriate pushchairs but there isn't much information about safe running from the likes of Buggy Fit so I can understand thinking it's completely safe.

LivingThings Sat 23-Mar-13 21:03:02

I ran with both of mine lying flat in a P&T Sport from 5 weeks post cs. They loved it! Moved them on to a proper Babyjogger with big wheels and brakes at 6 months or so. Dd who is nearly 3 still loves it and happily snoozes if i take her out.

lljkk Sat 23-Mar-13 18:36:49

I think it was nearly made a law in California that babies in strollers had to wear helmets. It is a legal requirement that all children under 14 on any other wheeled device (skates, tricycle, bicycle, bike seat, bike trailor, skateboard, etc.) must wear a helmet.

It's a criminal offence not to. hmm

So really don't see why babies in buggies would be excepted if the law made any sense.

EmmelineGoulden Sat 23-Mar-13 17:37:20

From the livestrong link "If you run near high-traffic areas or on uneven terrain, you may want to save your jogging stroller until your baby is at least a year old and can wear a helmet while you run". grin Was it published on April 1? Or are there lots of injured babies out there from all those selfish running mothers??

Wishihadabs Sat 23-Mar-13 16:45:56

Offs only in America

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 23-Mar-13 16:42:13

My MW gave us the go ahead very soon. DH likes to run. DD had very good head control so it was fine. All depends on the baby.

Echocave Sat 23-Mar-13 16:37:30

Wow ! I'm with stifnstav on this - you lot are impressive mothers!!
I'm not moving and DC nearly 18 months [DC may have appropriate head control but echocave lacks necessary self control..]

Gatorade Sat 23-Mar-13 16:30:37

I believe the nipper sport is a jogging puschair that is suitable from birth (I started using at ten weeks)

forevergreek Sat 23-Mar-13 14:23:28

KobayashiMaru Sat 23-Mar-13 12:37:45

So what damage do you think they are doing, and how come none of them have noticed any problems?

stopgap Sat 23-Mar-13 12:26:23

Babyjogger says six months for smooth pavements, and mentions nothing about head control or car seats:

I'm not advocating that mothers stay indoors--far from it. I've been a runner for close to twenty years. I just think--from experience of running with my own stroller--that the stability is not there if a. You don't use a jogging stroller with a fixed wheel b. There is too much jostling for a baby who is, say, a month old.

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