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Boarding schools for children under 11 is just wrong

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babybarrister Thu 21-Mar-13 22:13:49

If I were PM for the day this would be on my to do list.
Children under 11 are too young and if their parents cannot look after them it should be raising serious alarm bells not generating slaps on the back for complying with an outdated tradition.

howrudeforme Sun 03-Nov-13 18:27:02

outdated tradition - for whom?

Well I wouldn't do it for mine even if I had the cash and it were the greatest school around.

My df was a public school boy - he ran away lots to the point the only way of staying was to board with a family in the area and go as a day boy. That suited him better.

But lots of people do it - sometimes it's because of working overseas and contracts and obligations etc.

My df totally against boarding but actually put my 6 year old half sis in boarding side of school to keep her safe when he had to travel. He was in a dangerous country at the time.

Not my thing - but then again I know lots of parents seperated from their kids due to poverty and working away to provide for them.

lonnika Sun 03-Nov-13 20:45:28

TheHouseonhauntedhill I can totally understand that - I have just dropped my 11 year old DD back at school and she has her pin board full of 'self made' motivational posters EG nothing is impossible, believe and achieve etc and photos of her sporting Heros. How could I deny her this opportunity?

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