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To stop contact with ex-inlaws?

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turbochildren Thu 21-Mar-13 21:13:40

Briefly, my exP has conditions of bail preventing direct and indirect contact with me and children. Any contact with them is to be supervised, but he has not contacted me via solicitor as yet. Since the incident however, his mum and aunt have both called me and said things like do I really want to go ahead with the charges, I don't seem to understand what it involves, I should think really carefully about it etc. (it's not me but the police bringing the charges. I can't retract my statement anyway.)Today one of them called to have news about the children. I have tried to be civilised and nice, but today I had some prying questions about dr appts for the youngest, and about my older missing a few days at school as we are going away for the school holiday. " It's a long time for them to not see their father."
I have done everything through the appropriate channels, it's approved with the headmaster. AIBU to think that they are deluded cows? Should I say it would have been even longer if he had actually succeeded in strangling me so that I would fall down the stairs with our daughter?

TakingTheStairs Sun 24-Mar-13 17:54:45

* are you really

gordyslovesheep Sun 24-Mar-13 18:30:50

youarepriceless has admitted abusing his ex on his thread about contact - massive agenda

Follyfoot Sun 24-Mar-13 19:16:08

Ah. Well in that case I will tell him that my DD hasnt seen her father since she was 4 (he was being arrested, I was going to hospital in an ambulance). She is now at Uni and is a lovely, well adjusted young woman. She has no desire to see her father and she is not devastated in the slightest. And I dont give a flying fuck whether my XH is devastated or not.

Turbo, his family will probably carry this on for a while. My XMiL caused problems for some time and sadly could never see that what was best for the child/ren was all that really mattered. You are doing a fine job keeping what is in the best interests of the DCs at the forefront of everything you do. Well done and access via a contact centre is the only way forward in this situation. Keep strong.

Chiggers Sun 24-Mar-13 20:15:03

Do you have any photos of your ex's family (family photo maybe), so that the school know what they look like and can stop them from coming to pick up/see the DC, as well as the reasons why they are not to be near the children.

A friend had to do this as her ex and his mum rocked up to the her DD's school claiming that he was a relative and the DD was to go home with him. The school didn't know and he used the name of another relative to try and get his DD, even though he wasn't allowed near her until contact day. Luckily, the school didn't ler their DD go, were wary of my friend's ex and contacted her to let her know what happened.

Luckily my friend had a family photo of his and her family members, taken at a family BBQ, so she let the school have the photo, pointed out who was who, who could and couldn't pick her DD up and things got better after.

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