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to think wearing odd socks does not raise awareness?

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Ilovesunflowers Thu 21-Mar-13 08:52:56

So some of my friends are wearing odd socks today to raise awareness of down syndrome. AIBU to think this does not raise awareness? Your socks will be covered all day anyway so no one will see them. Socks have nothing to do with down syndrome. Why do we need to raise awareness of down syndrome? Surely it is well understood these days? (and for those idiots who can't cope with children or adults who have SEN then a pair of odd socks won't help). I just don't get it.

Purple2012 Thu 21-Mar-13 10:42:36

I like the kids do it and understand about people being different. I wouldn't wear odd socks though!

realnappiesmum Thu 21-Mar-13 22:21:40

I have a beautiful daughter with Downs Syndrome. I have loved seeing photos on Facebook group I am a member of for families of children with DS. Especially today of some many of our wonderful little ones and their families and friends wearing their odd socks. Wips is right,it does make us feel part of a community. It also so a very sad fact that so many decide to terminate when given a diagnosis of DS. Maybe if more people saw the joyous photos of our fantastic children wearing their odd socks today the % of those who terminate wouldn't be so heart breakingly high. Our little ones are fantastic and brilliant and tough little cookies odd socks or not. Any way of raising peoples awareness of this is fine in my book.

hazeyjane Thu 21-Mar-13 22:40:01

When I put the rare diseases day/global genes project on my FB status, I wasn't doing it so that I could show people how caring I am, I did it partly to show allegiance to other parents I know (through a Facebook page which is for parents of children with a rare genetic disease) and also because the friends I have on Facebook who have no experience of having a child with a genetic condition, will hopefully click on the link, and learn something.

I think getting children involved in this sort of thing is fantastic, we have raised money throughout the year for the Jeans for Genes project, through my dd's school, they and their friends have asked lots of questions about it, and every class did a lesson about genetic conditions etc.

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