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AIBU to want to share with you that I am proud of myself??

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BusyHomemaker Wed 20-Mar-13 21:30:39

I recently left my abusive husband. I have been constantly questioning myself... have I done the right thing? Am I at fault? Is his behaviour really just down to depression? Will he change?

I don't possess a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine and I sleep on a borrowed inflatable mattress. My daughter has been peacefully sleeping in her cot since 7:30pm, my dog is snoozing on the (donated) sofa and it has just dawned on me that I am sat here, doing what I want to do, listening to a radio station that I have chosen (as I no longer possess CDs or itunes)! Nobody has switched it off and turned on the TV or played their guitar or both at the same time!!!! I honestly can't remember the last time I have selected my own music in the evening!

Just wanted to share! I think we're going to be OK smile

Floggingmolly Wed 20-Mar-13 21:51:25

Go girl!

BusyHomemaker Wed 20-Mar-13 21:58:30

Herrena I'm in England but thank you! Judging by the weather forecast you may need all of that extra bedding!!

HerrenaHarridan Wed 20-Mar-13 22:14:04

Ha! Your not joking.

in all seriousness I would suffocate if I used it all.

At an estimate I would guess ten duvets, varying from a thin summer one to two monster Nordic ones. 3 single and one double sleeping bag, 10 thick quilts, 5 of those old style woollen blankets and 7 fleecey blankets. Not including dds bedding! I'm a hoarder

There is only me and dd blush

Fwiw. I am loving being a lone parent, we are 4 months in and even at the lowest and most difficult times I have not regretted it.

If your partner is a lead weight it really is easier by yourself!

See you in lone parents section smile

LiveItUp Wed 20-Mar-13 22:22:29

You sound very content. Thank you for sharing - def NBU! Keep being proud, turn that music up and dance around that sofa. smile

CheckpointCharlie Wed 20-Mar-13 22:34:53

How old is your dd? I will soon have some aged 3 to 4 ish clothes to,pass on. Plus some books and toys. Pm if you fancy them! Am in the east.

CheckpointCharlie Wed 20-Mar-13 22:35:44

And ps well done for being so brave.

BrawToken Wed 20-Mar-13 22:38:35

OMG, just what I need to hear tonight. P has just announced he has a date to move in 2 weeks (if he isn't bullshitting me again) and I am so weirdly deflated about it even though I want it... Congratulations to you x

RoomForASmallOne Wed 20-Mar-13 22:44:08


pod3030 Wed 20-Mar-13 22:47:28

Big hoorah from me too! smile

AlbertoFrog Wed 20-Mar-13 22:53:17

YA so NBU. Darn right you should be proud of yourself.

Well done and good luck for the future.


fengirl1 Wed 20-Mar-13 22:57:20

Yes, no and no! Good for you. smile

SomethingOnce Wed 20-Mar-13 23:06:29

I don't know your story, but I'll bet this is one of the hardest, bravest and best things you'll ever do.

Well done and all the very best with everything flowers

PipsWife Wed 20-Mar-13 23:08:14

Go you!


Bossybritches22 Wed 20-Mar-13 23:09:33

Well done OP how lovely to hear you are enjoying your peace!

Herena, if you want rid of that bedding your local homeless shelter or dog rescue might be glad of them?

OpheliaBumps Wed 20-Mar-13 23:14:02

I've pm'd too, I have outgrown toys/clothes up to 3 years, happy to pass them on. Also have bedding & duvet if you're in then north west.

OpheliaBumps Wed 20-Mar-13 23:15:34

Ps missed the most important bit! Well done, you deserve to be proud, you've done a fantastic thing for you and your DD.

oldnewmummy Wed 20-Mar-13 23:16:27

Good for you.

poppymagnum Wed 20-Mar-13 23:18:13

What a lovely thread and what an amazing Mum you are.

I hope your future will be full of happiness. thanks

jennybeadle Wed 20-Mar-13 23:18:52

flowers to put beside your bed. smile

SE13Mummy Wed 20-Mar-13 23:19:49

Well done!
If you're anywhere near SE13 then I have a washing machine you'd be very welcome to.

pigletmania Wed 20-Mar-13 23:26:21

Well done that is fantastic flowers wine

makemineapinot Wed 20-Mar-13 23:26:52

Well done you! That feeling f liberation is so empowering! So pleased for you! Take advice and ask around for what you're entitled to and good luck! 5 years on and I am now qualified and working in the profession I've always wanted to work in, have 2 beautiful happy children and he (and associated stress) is a distant memory! You enjoy the future! There will be hard times, lonely times and frustrating times but you get to make the decisions that are right for both of you and that is worth so much -and you'll be happy and safe x

DoJo Wed 20-Mar-13 23:30:15

Well done - you sound as though you are revelling in your new fond freedom and so you should. PM me if you're in East Anglia - sure I can find something useful to help with your journey, even if it's just a packet of chocolate fingers and info about free things to do with a littlie.

BertieBotts Wed 20-Mar-13 23:32:32

You are fantastic smile As the offers are flying around, give me a shout if you're in Warwickshire (although I suppose unlikely as that is somewhere near Northamptonshire...) I'm emigrating later this year and have loads of stuff which needs a good home.

BertieBotts Wed 20-Mar-13 23:33:42

And it's the best feeling in the world isn't it? grin Onwards and upwards! Yep, that's right, it can even get better!! And it does!!

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