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To be raging at Dispatches "rich and on benefits"

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crashdoll Mon 18-Mar-13 20:10:14

It's talking about pensioners and all they get from the welfare state regardless of income or savings. Cue clip of David Scameron saying he won't touch their benefits.

Thymeout Sat 23-Mar-13 14:58:29

Don't know when the pension credit kicks in, but it's for those on a really low income.

It'd be like taking away child benefit from most people with children.

Would that be fair?

No, because children cost money. So does being old. All pensioners have higher heating bills because they're at home more.

We don't yet know if meanstesting CB has been cost-effective. They've already had to backtrack over the threshold for taking it away. There have been problems with tax registration. And there's the fundamental injustice between single and double income households.

Meanwhile high earners have been given a tax-break.

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