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WIBU to punch DP in the face! (Half joking)

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FirstVix Mon 18-Mar-13 00:23:42

...and there's always that water still there...

Snazzynewyear Mon 18-Mar-13 00:21:51

Punching's not on but I wouldn't be averse to accidentally elbowing him awake while feeding (DP not DS that is) Take it you are bfing, otherwise I would be poking him and saying 'your turn for this one'.

MammaTJ Mon 18-Mar-13 00:15:56

YWBU to actually do it, but YANBU to want to.

Crocodilehunter Mon 18-Mar-13 00:13:35

DS has slept crap for the last 2 weeks!
DP has been snoring for the past 2 hours managed to get ds in his crib about an hour ago, just started to get the droopy eyes myself and dp promptly gets up takes a drink of water and bangs his glass down on the bed side table!
I'm wide awake, ds is stirring 30 seconds after 'waaaaaaaaa'
I mutter profanities, dp says 'wasnt my fault' and turns over!
He's now back to audible snoring while I'm feeding/settling ds! Got a weird sensation running through my fists, my fists want to punch DP in the face angry AIBU?

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