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WIBU to wash reusable nappies in a laundrette?

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chocolateygoo Sun 17-Mar-13 18:06:44

Washing machine has broken. ARGH. I have a weekend's worth of used washable nappies that need washing.

Obviously all poo has gone down the loo, but they do stink of wee and have some poo stains (tmi, sorry!).

WIBU to wash them at the laundrette? Would you be horrified to put your clothes in after my nappies had been in?

The other option is to ask a neighbour, but that's even more gross I think? (they have kids but don't use reusable nappies).

I've just totally lost sight of what is socially acceptable these days! Thanks.

youmaycallmeSSP Mon 18-Mar-13 12:48:52

I'm sure the laundrette has seen much worse.

Fairylea Mon 18-Mar-13 12:40:57

Bit off topic but I love my reusable nappies smile .. they have completely cured the horrible nappy rash that ds had. He must be quite a sensitive lad as I used disposables with dd with no problem. They are great smile

MrsKeithRichards Mon 18-Mar-13 12:31:04

I've taken to rinsing mine out, ds teething pee smell is rank! I pail them wet but not soaking in water.

chocolateygoo Mon 18-Mar-13 12:28:44

Thanks for all the replies and offers of washing machines! We aren't close to any of you but looks like the laundrette is acceptable so will be off there this evening.

fallon8 I agree lugging dirty nappies around is not my idea of fun, which is why I normally wash them at home... this is the first time in 3 years I've needed an alternative, so not done too badly really. If you're genuinely interested in why I use them, its because its saved me many hundreds of pounds on disposables over those years, that I'd much prefer to spend on other things. When money is tight everyone makes their own decisions about what is a priority and for me, I can live with washing nappies but can't live without a holiday each year.

apostropheuse yes onto the disposables until the machine is repaired, so hopefully just one load to sort out at the laundrette (ignoring the never ending pile of clothes...)

EndoplasmicReticulum I had a disposable nappy explode overnight once, the gunk all over my DD's bum was horrific! Had to bath her to get it off as it was too greasy for wiping. Did make me appreciate the benefits of washable nappies a bit more!

snala Sun 17-Mar-13 22:46:26

Also good for milk stained bras wink

youllneedthisfish Sun 17-Mar-13 22:44:03

Aha, Righto snala.

Well I can vouch for it in the case of toddler-boy-wee-soaked-trousers then.

5madthings Sun 17-Mar-13 22:43:34

Yanbu I think you would be fine to wash them.

But where are you I am in Norwich and have a washing machine and tumble dryer you are welcome to use smile

Permanentlyexhausted Sun 17-Mar-13 22:41:49

No, not unreasonable at all.

Fallon - "Who benefits?" Your child, from not sitting in a pile of chemical gunge for the first 2+ years of their life.

snala Sun 17-Mar-13 22:39:52

Napisan isn't recommended for modern cloth nappies as it ruins the fibres.
Nappies are dry pailed now too - poo soup isn't pleasant! grin

youllneedthisfish Sun 17-Mar-13 22:35:04

But don't you use Napisan? I put anything that has been in to contact with wee in this. Its very old school but the only thing that gets the smell. doesn't harm clothes (not bleach) and is a disinfectant too. Will leave their washing machine sparkly.

That's what they always used to put in the nappy bucket too but I'm not up on it now...

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 17-Mar-13 22:34:16

I would suggest never washing a disposable.

(only ever used them on caravan holiday, got home, had brain-fart and chucked one in the machine. There's an awful lot of that jelly stuff inside, and it's a bugger to clean out of the washing machine!)

snala Sun 17-Mar-13 22:34:05

Do you know how long a nappy takes to decompose fallon?
Or the amount of money that's saved using cloth?
Or the amount of chemicals that are in a disposable next to babies skin?

Op it will be fine wink

apostropheuse Sun 17-Mar-13 22:26:53

OP YANBU at all. The machines will be perfectly clean when you're finished. That's what they're made for.

If you're not using the reusable nappies as a matter of principle - or allergy reasons or whatever - but rather because of the cost, would you be able to afford to buy disposables in the meantime, just until your own machine is fixed?

Incidentally, I'm just saving this to save you the hassle - I think you're perfectly entitled to use reusables should you choose to do so!

pointythings Sun 17-Mar-13 22:25:54

Dear fallon, enjoy your late night snack biscuit.

And please buzz off to your nearest landfill site, which of course has infinite capacity and no consequences at all for the future of the planet we live on.

toobreathless Sun 17-Mar-13 22:18:46

Award for the most unhelpful post of the week goes to fallon there.

Why should the OP justify her choices to you, care to explain why you use disposables? Actually don't bother, no one is interested.

PurpleCrazyHorse Sun 17-Mar-13 22:18:17

PIL did as we were leading a kids camp with DD and they came 3 times in the week to pick up the nappy bucket (and clothes) to wash in their campsite laundrette. They washed the nappies first, then did our clothes after, so the next person was at least one spot removed from poo grin

fallon8 Sun 17-Mar-13 22:15:28

This is why disposable ones were invented...why go to the hassle of lugging grotty nappies around? What is the point? Who benefits? Certainly not you or other launderette users...move into the 21st Century..

MrsDimples Sun 17-Mar-13 22:08:28

I've washed cloth nappies in the launderette.

Molehillmountain Sun 17-Mar-13 22:08:04

Course it's fine. People are strange. Launderettes are for washing out everything that gets into stuff that's worn or slept in. Nappies fall into that category.

toobreathless Sun 17-Mar-13 22:05:08

Go for it.

ThatGhastlyWoman Sun 17-Mar-13 21:41:27

If you're in Cambridge, PM me. I have a relative who actually runs a nappy laundering service there...

pointythings Sun 17-Mar-13 21:38:16

And FWIW I wouldn't mind washables in a launderette, though I'd probably wash them at 60 rather than 40.

HollyBerryBush Sun 17-Mar-13 21:36:38

I have been in the launderette when someone came in with horse shit blankets and riding gear.

Makes a babies nappy pale into insignificance really.

But launderette machines rarely go above 40 degrees, they aren't configured for a good old boil wash

pointythings Sun 17-Mar-13 21:36:16

I'm in East Anglia, but it's quite big - are you anywhere near Bury St Edmunds? My machine is used to washables.

Owllady Sun 17-Mar-13 21:36:05

I think it would be fine, they wash duvets and all sorts surely?#and they are industrial machines, not domestic ones

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