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To be shocked and appalled by this book

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becsparkel Sat 16-Mar-13 23:45:52

I realise this has probably been raised before but I have only just become aware of this parenting book vile piece of shite, currently available for sale on amazon. The book advocates whipping babies as young as 4 months to "train" them to obey:

"At four months she was too unknowing to be punished for disobedience. But for her own good, we attempted to train her not to climb the stairs by coordinating the voice command of "No" with little spats on the bare legs. The switch was a twelve-inch long, one-eighth-inch diameter sprig from a willow tree."

Many more sickening quotes on this anti site Why Not To Train A Child

There's a petition to stop Amazon from selling it here: amazon refuse to carry books which advocate the physical abuse of children

Great blog piece here: amazon we find child abuse offensive

christmasmum Thu 21-Mar-13 15:19:27

SGB, couldn't agree with you more. While this book is clearly vile I will never agree that censorship is a solution. Once you start burning books, where do you stop?

becsparkel Fri 22-Mar-13 09:21:13

The petition isn't asking anyone to burn or stop the publication of these books, it's simply asking Amazon not to stock them.

yes, there are people who will be prone to abusing children and will do so regardless but child abuse is also carried out by initially well meaning parents, who are influenced by books like these because they are vulnerable and looking for a solution.

This doesn't relate to the book directly but this is a good example of how normal people have been influenced by the Pearls: Blog post

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