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to never EVER bank with this bank again?

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TheSeventhHorcrux Fri 15-Mar-13 16:50:00

I have just logged into my online banking to find that my current account has been deleted. Without any notice. No letters. Nothing.
The more I think about it the more problems this arises.

My bank (I won't name names because I don't think I'm allowed? But I'll give you a clue - they've been buggering up a lot recently) has screwed me over again and again by not paying me my wages, taking out my direct debits too soon etc etc.

AIBU to NEVER bank with these damn people again?

(yes, this is just a rant!)

(and can anyone recommend a decent bank? Or is it better to go with a building society?)

Phosphene Fri 15-Mar-13 16:51:31

I am with Barclays Premier and they are fantastic.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Fri 15-Mar-13 16:52:09

If it NW you are referring to, then you are not unreasonable. They are utterly useless, I left them 10 years ago after one error too many by an incompetent bank cler,.

nocake Fri 15-Mar-13 16:52:38

I don't know who you bank with but I hope it's not the one I'm about to recommend... First Direct. I've been with them for years and have never had anything but great service. Even when they messed up paying my credit card bill because they typed the date in the wrong way round they paid the card charges without any hassle.

Nishky Fri 15-Mar-13 16:53:33

I second what no cake says!

MrsMangoBiscuit Fri 15-Mar-13 16:54:26

I have accounts with Barclays and HSBC, both of which have been fab. Barclays were definitely easier to set up multiple accounts with, so we have different ones for mortgage, bills, food etc.

kinkyfuckery Fri 15-Mar-13 16:54:33

They've deleted your entire account? Not just a glitch? Was there any money in it?

insanityscratching Fri 15-Mar-13 16:55:04

Never had any problems with Nationwide and they don't try and sell services every time I go into the branch unlike Lloyds TSB who we have an account with as well.

Phosphene Fri 15-Mar-13 16:55:20

If its Natwest then no YANBU. I used to bank with them when I first come to the UK. I then changed to Barclays Premier and I closed my account. The lady said I don't need to do much. What I didn't think of was that I had a small overdraft once and they charged me a few pence interest on it. Of course I never got a statement about it and after a year!!! I got a letter from a debt collection agency for nearly 1k. shock

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Fri 15-Mar-13 16:55:42

Nat West? No, YANBU to never bank with Nat West again.

I'm with Lloyds TSB and they're generally pretty good

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Fri 15-Mar-13 16:55:44

I second the nw comment. I'm with nationwide now after they 'stole all my money and gave it to my ex and they are fab, I also like the idea they aren't a 'business'

MooMooSkit Fri 15-Mar-13 16:55:46

If its NW YANBU. I left them a few years ago as they were useless too. Going by the news they seem to be getting worse.

LadyPessaryPam Fri 15-Mar-13 16:56:56

We were with FirstDirect and they were great, now with VirginOne and they are also very good.

soaccidentprone Fri 15-Mar-13 16:57:22

Smile (the online part of the Co-op bank) are brilliantgrin

dingit Fri 15-Mar-13 16:58:01

First direct, and they were paying £100 for new accounts.

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Fri 15-Mar-13 16:58:26

Nw also closed my account for me even though I was still having substantial wages paid in, because my account was linked to the joint account which linked my ex's which was massively over drawn.

DinglebertWangledack Fri 15-Mar-13 17:00:20

was there any money in it? if so what have they done with it

IAmNotAMindReader Fri 15-Mar-13 17:05:21

YANBU Natwest have screwed us over trying to deal with a deceased relatives affiars.
Their breavement officer or whatever they are called is supposed to take all the details once and pass them to the relevant departments so noone is trying to chase up 40 different departments telling them all the same thing. Somewhere along the way this has buggered up and we're still dealing with it all.

Worse still is some departments won't deal with us at all and we may end up having to turn up to small cliams court with deceaseds remains in order to convince them.

TheSeventhHorcrux Fri 15-Mar-13 17:08:11

Er... yeah. It is Natwest smile how did you know?! lol

chickensaladagain Fri 15-Mar-13 17:08:25

I use first direct -most hassle free bank I've ever used

Fast Fri 15-Mar-13 17:08:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheSeventhHorcrux Fri 15-Mar-13 17:10:13

Luckily, no money in it. Bizarrely I was £100 into my overdraft (I'm on statutory sick at the moment but it hasn't come through yet). I use this account for EVERYTHING so it hasn;t been left dormant or anything.

What annoys me even more is that I can't get hold of the bastards! All of the numbers are 0845s and I've been stuck with the automated messages not letting me through to an actual person.


LittleWhiteWolf Fri 15-Mar-13 17:11:07

YANBU for not wanting to bank with a bank who have treated you badly, no matter who they are.

I've been with Natwest since I was 16 and have had not one problem with them. To me they are faultless. Halifax and Lloyds TSB on the other hand will never get mine or DHs custom again as they were terrible to us. Its all relative, right?

TheSeventhHorcrux Fri 15-Mar-13 17:12:47

Oh, And i had completely very proudly paid off my overdraft a couple of months previously and last week was the first time I had dipped into it since.

TheSeventhHorcrux Fri 15-Mar-13 17:13:38

LittleWhiteWolf - I have been with Natwest since I was 14 and remained loyal to them - that's why I'm struggling.

I notice that no one recommends Santander? wink

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