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To think that sometimes, children are labelled by school as low ability as young as 6....

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lottieandmia Fri 15-Mar-13 14:31:37

I am not saying in every school and of course I am not saying every teacher. But I do think it's wrong for teachers to make a mental note that a child is low ability at such a young age. I have seen it happen in a school I worked in when I was helping children with their reading. A teacher whispered to me 'oh dear, you've got the thick table'. I think it is awful that children are written off so young and also that they are given the message that your self worth boils down entirely to how academically bright you are.

I can understand that in schools where there are classes of 30 the teacher may need to stream them to remind them of where the children are at but this tends to lead to a fixed idea imo. My friend has been told her dd is low ability and she's only in year 2. The reason was that she is on a lower ORT level than the other kids, apparently.

My dd, when in reception could not read ORT and was the last in her class to learn to read but she was not labelled in such a way and now in year 4 is working at NC level 4 so she's doing fine now.

Labelling negatively is surely a self-fulfilling prophecy isn't it?

x2boys Sun 17-Mar-13 15:08:19

I was labelled as one of the thick ones ok i did nt do brilliantly academically but i manged to pass all my nursing exams and qualify as a mental health nurse have beeen qualified 17 yrs this yr my six yr old i have also been told whilst he works very hard at his own level this is below average with the rest of his class i worry not he will be fine a friend of mine could nt read till she was 8 left school with no gcse passes at grade c or aove [although she was in the first academic year ever to take gcse,s] she qualified as a nurse with me and is a ward manager .

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