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Please help me sort out my Apple ID nightmare!

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Kafri Sun 10-Mar-13 18:07:07

if you really haven't got the opportunity to reset your original account then you can reset your ipad to factory settings and start fron scratch.
log out of iTunes on yiur pc/mac abd log in using your new account. then sync your ipad with your computer as you normally would (if you bother doing that).
follow the instructions for setting up your ipad as you did when you bought it and log in to that with your new account. et voila! up and running again. grin

MGbrand Sun 10-Mar-13 17:38:50

My son did this & forgot the answers to his security questions! You can just phone Apple & they can reset your account over the phone, they'll give you a pin number to reset the account and you can set a new password / security questions. There's details of the tel. no. on the website in technical support.

mellen Sun 10-Mar-13 17:07:26

(I used my laptop to do that, not an apple device)

mellen Sun 10-Mar-13 17:06:52

I had a similar problem of having to change my ID, and I think that in the end I did it via the apple website - if you go to the support section there is a bit for managing ID's

RustyBear Sun 10-Mar-13 17:03:08

Hi you can change the apple ID your iPad is using by opening the App Store and scrolling down to the bottom of the Featured page. You'll see a button with your apple ID, touch it and you'll get a menu which includes an option to Sign Out.

Once you're signed out, the button changes to Sign In and you can either sign in with an existing Apple ID or create a new one.

However, you may run across problems updating your existing apps that were bought with your original ID though I think you can use them. I don't think there's a way of transferring apps to a new ID yourself, though Apple may be able to do it for you.

Chopchopbusybusy Sun 10-Mar-13 17:00:43

I phoned them recently with a query and they were helpful. I must have just googled a contact number for them. I needed the serial number of the apple product.

DTisMYdoctor Sun 10-Mar-13 16:56:48

Have you logged out of iTunes and then logged back in with your new id?

FruOla Sun 10-Mar-13 16:47:17

In the meantime, Bobo, you could re-post this in Geeky stuff There are some seriously good techy types on here

BestIsWest Sun 10-Mar-13 16:43:28

Not much help OP, but are you my DH? I seem to have heard this from him several times recently.

Tee2072 Sun 10-Mar-13 16:41:54

Genius Bar is free and it's wirth the trip.

INeverSaidThat Sun 10-Mar-13 16:41:04

A bit obvious, but have you tried phoning them? Not sure this will work unless its a newish iPad.

Bobothebuilder Sun 10-Mar-13 16:35:06

Hi self confessed, thanks for the advice. I think PD g my iPad from the nearest big town, it's an 80 mile round trip so would have to take time off work (but if it comes to it I will so useful to know this service exists). Do you know roughly how much it costs?


Bobothebuilder Sun 10-Mar-13 16:23:02

And also sorry for the bloody autocorrect typos, that will teach me to read preview first!

Do you have an apple store nearby? Just book a genius bar (stupid name) appt. They will sort it out in a miff.

Bobothebuilder Sun 10-Mar-13 16:21:06

Ok I know thesis not the most exciting of AIBU but I have looked elsewhere and can't work out where to to this, am desperate!

About a month ago I (unwittingly) entered my apple I'd for m IPAD three times and was locked out. So as the guidance page suggested I attempted to reset it using my security questions. This failed as the correct answers I gave came back as incorrect, I am assuming that one digit/ letter of ne of them must have been incorrectly set by me originally as they were questions I could not fail to know.

So then I tried to get a 'rescue' email sent to my second email address, my original one no longer exists as I changed ISP providers in November last year and stupidly did not bother to reset my email on the Apple ID.

Anyhow, no rescue email arrived which is probably due to it being blocked, due to who I work for their will not be any way around this.

So my next plan was to just set u a whole new account to allow me to use the iBooks and iTunes (mainly used by my son). I have managed to set up a new ID which links to my new email account but every time I try to download something (ie pay for something) it defaults back to requesting the original ID etc. I can use FaceTime on the new ID but that's it!

I have rad through apples help pages. And. A just stuck, please help if you clever mumsnet terms have any ideas, I feel that I have an iPad I can hardly use now!


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