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To think asking for expensive gifts for Mothers day is greedy?

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MomaP Sat 09-Mar-13 21:06:31

Im sorry if you disagree, actually, no I'm not! envy

I have just witnessed two friends of mine, on facebook say they have convinced their DH's to buy them an ipad for mothers day!! WHAT? hmm

Both women have 2 DC, who are all under the age of 5. Am I missing something?

My DS made me a present at school this week, its in DS possession, ready to give me tomorrow, I am SO excited. grin What ever this present is, I know its made by him, that means more to me than anything - it is something I will, without a doubt keep forever. Sentimental gifts/cards are what mothers day is about, or well, it used to be anyway.

AIBU to think anyone expecting things like ipads etc are greedy and have no appreciation for mothers day, its just about material items to them?


CuriousMama Sun 10-Mar-13 22:04:42

zipzap that's beyond cute smile

zipzap Sun 10-Mar-13 16:15:19

I got a huge diamond ring from ds1 this morning - it was neon pink and he'd saved it for me from the crackers at Christmas - but as he's 7 and it involved such long term planning and keeping safe I was just as thrilled as if he bought me a real diamond ring! Ds2 (4) presented me with my favourite biscuit as breakfast all of his own accord.

So feeling pretty happy!

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-13 15:30:05

You are not wrong Ineed.

IneedAgoldenNickname Sun 10-Mar-13 15:29:03

Thanks dum and sparkling my ex is an arse!

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-13 15:05:09

Ineed I would have the rage over that too. Especially the 'It's not my job' bit. Your poor DS. sad It wasn't for you as such it was for your DS IYKWIM-to make him happy that he had got you something. angry angry angry

DumSpiroSpero Sun 10-Mar-13 14:59:22

Ineed you don't sound at all entitled or grabby - it's as much about your ex recognising the importance of the day for your kids which he clearly isn't bothered to do - what an arse, I'd be annoyed/upset too.

YouTheCat Sun 10-Mar-13 14:53:03

Dd liked the Minecraft idea so much that when I got in she had made me a cake on the game and then blew it up for me. grin

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-13 14:50:33

Blimey Belle I think I would defriend asap if I were you. That is bonkers. I would have preferred to see a photo of the dog than the gifts TBH.

BelleEtLaBaby Sun 10-Mar-13 14:31:44

I have a friend who posted a photo on fb today of the Marc Jacobs perfume, massive bunch of flowers and card she got for Mothers Day.

From her dog

They have no dc's yet - quite young and just married. Not interested in kids just yet- want to have more holidays first.

Do I win the most bonkers story?

KnockMeDown Sun 10-Mar-13 14:08:42

DH took our DC out yesterday - DS, nearly 14, and DD, nearly 3, to a craft activity day. DS has access to these due to his AS. While there, DS made me a booklet kind of card. Each page had a photo or two stuck in - these were ones of me and the children in various combinations, which he had taken on his i-phone, and printed out. He even made the envelope out of gold cardboard! According to DH, what DD made was too random and messy to bring home, but she had a great time anyway grin.

Whilst they were there, I had long pampery shower, shaved my legs without a toddler-sized audience. Then went to town to the Boots Clinique counter, and made the most of Bonus Time. Got things I would have bought anyway, but nice to get the free gift, and DH would not have known what to get! Then went to local leisure centre for swim, steam and jacuzzi.

This morning I was presented with a treat bag (a tradition in our family for birthdays and the like). In it was:-

- A box of maltesers. This was immediately commandeered by DD who became Malteser Monitor, handing them out to all of us till they were all gone grin
- A bottle of lovely red wine, which will have to wait, as I have given up wine for lent. Something to look forward to!
- A big bag of my fav crisps - Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips
- A girly magazine - Marie Claire, with a free gift of Neal's Yard Hand Cream, and a voucher for a free cut & blow dry (by signing up to their newsletter)
- And of course the card from DS, which was the best bit, and the best card I have ever had!

DH has shopped and we will all cook and eat together later. I have had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, and feel very blessed, especially as things have not been too great recently.

IneedAgoldenNickname Sun 10-Mar-13 13:22:09

So far today today I've had a card made by DS2 (6) when he woke up. The spelling and handwriting was perfect so I'm cuffed. Now he's making me a bookmark. Then were of to my mums, where she has craft activities planned.

DS1 (8) asked his Dad (my ex) last weekend if they could go and get me something and his reply was 'its not my job is it, why should I' DS1 was upset!

I then saw on fb that he took his gfs children out and 'totally spoiled her' I'm kinda sad that he can't do they same for the mother of his actual children sad

And I'm aware that probably makes me sound really grabby/entitled but even some tat they made/choose from the pound shop would suffice, like I do for fathers day/his birthday/Christmas

chocolatesolveseverything Sun 10-Mar-13 13:01:00

Today for mother's day I've had a few tiny kicks from as-yet unborn DC1. I interpreted them (correctly I think) as a message saying "thank you for the nice womb and placenta mummy, now go have some hot chocolate with churros as a reward". So that's what I did this morning.

Sadly I think DC1 is just a bit too young to understand what an Ipad is yet, so I didn't have an excuse to buy one of those as well. smile

diddl Sun 10-Mar-13 12:42:24

It's not MD here.

The usual form is card/breakfast in bed/wine/flowers/chocolates.

Everyone else cooks/washes up for the day.

I've hinted I'd rather like a tablet...

No harm in trying!grin

Strangemagic Sun 10-Mar-13 12:37:18

from not fro

Strangemagic Sun 10-Mar-13 12:36:50

I got some oven gloves fro ds1 because he was worried I would burn my "paws",thoughtful and considerate and useful.

verytellytubby Sun 10-Mar-13 11:52:06

Damn must drop some hints for an Ipad next year grin

I got chocolates (which the kids ate), a berocca which made me laugh and sweet cards. I'm happy. And my mum is cooking a roast for us so I don't have to cook.

MrsDeVere Sun 10-Mar-13 11:49:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MomaP Sun 10-Mar-13 11:30:50

Happy Mother's day all.

Could I please just point out that my OP wasn't to judge anyone receiving expensive gifts for MD, its ladies expecting, asking or in my friends case, practically begging for expensive gifts for MD. If H's/DC decide for themselves to buy their mother a iPad/car/spaceship... then I don't see the problem as much. I just cringe at the expectations some mothers have for materialistic gifts these days. Knock yourselves out at Christmas, but mother's day? Really? hmm

Okay, for the poster that suggested she could "sniff" jealousy in my OP.. Im sorry, I am plenty happy enough typing on the ipad DH bought me for my birthday last year, to tell you how much I love the home-made bracelet DS made me today! Such a stunning gift from my beautiful boy. Not to mention the self accomplishment he felt giving it me grin Priceless.

MrsDeVere Sun 10-Mar-13 11:10:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PuzzleRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 11:09:15

Tosh, I bet you are rockin the look.

SanityClause Sun 10-Mar-13 11:07:05

You so don't, Puzzle!

You know those easy peel oranges you get at Christmas time that have really really loose skin. Well, that's what my legs are like, but less orange, and more corned beef coloured!

RooneyMara Sun 10-Mar-13 11:03:04

Christ is it Mothers day? Oh well.

PuzzleRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 11:01:38

Sanity we need pics of that ensemble.

PuzzleRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 11:00:44

found it side splittingly funny.

PuzzleRocks Sun 10-Mar-13 10:59:57

Serious, I laughed too. Not as much as DH though who f

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