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to be pissed off about the house next door being converted into bedsits?

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belfastbigmillie Sat 09-Mar-13 19:27:23

We live in a residential street where all the other houses are families or old people. The people next door to us sold their house but now it turns out that they sold it to builders. They are converting it into 2 studio flats (definitely without planning permission because we checked). There is only about 2 feet between their house and ours and we share a fence etc. It overlooks our garden. I'm not too happy about it. In my mind studio flats = young people/noise/ parties or single dodgy blokes. Either way it doesn't feel good to me. Can I do anything about it? Will it devalue our house? BTW we don't live in the kind of area where it will attract professional singles etc.

sarahtigh Sun 10-Mar-13 20:29:04

a studio flat is smaller than a 1 bedroom as sleeping and living area are one normally with kitchenette and separate bathroom, 1 bed flat have separate bedroom, studio flats are the next step up from house share as not sharing kitchen/ bathroom. studio flat will have own front door within the house unlike house share where only your bedroom is possibly lockable

Glaikit Sun 10-Mar-13 22:10:41

My studio was kitchen living room with bedroom and shower room. Much better that way IMHO. I miss my wee flat!

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