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to think school can shove their cocking badger costume up their cocking arses, and never ever ever again provide the stupid costumes they demand?

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I had a great big ranty thread last week about school sending me a letter asking me to send my 10yr old DD dressed as a badger for World Book Day.

Well. I came up with a badger costume, thanks to MN, a printed out mask, and a nasty shaggy grey fake fur thing from the hospice shop.

And then I bribed DD to wear it, as, being 10, it wasn't exactly her idea of fun.

And then the class acted out an extract from the book (Fantastic Mr Fox) that didn't even HAVE ANY FUCKING BADGERS IN IT and DD had to narrate from the sidelines instead, and the little girl from Yr 1 who had also been asked to be a badger had to sit out.

WTactualF angry

gaelicsheep Sun 10-Mar-13 09:45:03

That is brilliant SparklyAntlers.

QueenOfFarkingEverything - I'm really sorry for your DD, but honestly this thread is a classic! I wish every primary teacher up and down the land could read it.

scrablet Sun 10-Mar-13 09:52:57

Doesn't do us any good to read it gaelic, believe me, most teachers have no say in how WBD is run in our schools.
( Wanders off grumbling about how no one could recognise her elaborate costume...ok usual clothes with a cloak over them...)

NuhichNuhaymuh Sun 10-Mar-13 10:04:12

Im very impressed you made a badger costume. Kudos to you!

Also glad you clarified too as i was reading through the thread muttering to myself "there are no badger in Fantastic Mr Fox, what?"

SparklyAntlers that is beautifully put grin

WilsonFrickett Sun 10-Mar-13 11:31:39

I am howling with laughter at 'baited breath'. I may have to search your original thread for the list of great badgers in literature again too.

Poor dd. are you sure it was as black and white as she says though? grin

DP also howled with laughter at that letter. He was impressed, even more badger puns than he had already come up with on the subject (thats saying something as he is the absolute king of groanworthy puns)

thebody Sun 10-Mar-13 18:15:00

Blame ofsted!!! Not teachers!

Funny thread though. Totally agree.

Still18atheart Sun 10-Mar-13 18:43:48

Sparkly antlers that was very well put. grin

I am blaming the teacher fair and square for not intervening when she saw that the house captain had chosen a bit of the book that left two children out. That's the bit I will be speaking to her about tomorrow.

But yeah, I get that its not necessarily the teachers who decide that dressing up as a cocking badger would be a great idea. The teachers I know all hate it too grin

Doobydoo Sun 10-Mar-13 18:56:41

Have not yet read thread...but love the title! of the best1 grin

Doobydoo Sun 10-Mar-13 18:57:44

HAHAHAHA Read your op...Fab....YANBU

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