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To feel the odds are against me, but I really don't want to give up on this. *Long*

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moanymandy Fri 08-Mar-13 20:24:15

I will give you the relevant info and try not to dripfeed, this could be long winded but I promise its all relevant....

I am more than willing to be told to get a grip and move on I would appreciate your honesty.

I made a complaint with C&G at the beginning of December regarding my mortgage.

We took out a 5 year fixed rate in November 2007 and I was expecting for that term to end in November 2012. This was not the case. There is a further 7 months until the term ends in June 2013.
Now, this date is actually in the mortgage agreement papers which I checked once this came to light. It is something I should have know but for one reason or another I didn't realise/remember this.

I expressed that I was unhappy and wanted to understand what the extra 7 months are for and why they were able to sell a product labelled as something it clearly wasn't, So my complaint was logged.

After 2 weeks of hearing nothing I called them, I was told that they don't acknowledge complaints and that they have 4 weeks to deal with it. This didn't sit right with me as I work for a large building society and have in the past dealt with customer complaints so have a good idea of what is expected. I asked for a copy of their complaint procedure to be sent to me and was told this was not possible and I was to go into branch to get one.

So stupidly I gave them their 4 weeks and called back as I still hadn't heard anything. The chap who I spoke to was very helpful (and to be honest was their saving grace on this occasion) and informed me that my complaint hadn't been escalated properly which is why I hadn't received a response. angry Not only did the previous person not know their internal complaint procedure but she didn't even look at my notes at all!

So the complaint was escalated and passed to someone to look into, I spoke to her on the phone to reiterate my concerns and she told me she would look into and send me a response in writing. I received this about a letter about a week later saying that they feel that the documentation was clear so they couldnt 'agree' with me and giving me £50 for the poor service and phone calls I had made.

I responded to the letter thanking them for the money but pointing out that I wasn't trying to dispute the documentation but wanted to understand why it was like this as they still hadn't offered an explanation.
I waited a further 2 weeks and yet again had heard nothing so called them, I was advised that yes they had received my letter but it hadnt been looked into. Again! angry

Someone called me back and we had a lengthy discussion about the IMO shocking customer service I had received regarding my complaint, that they had completely ignored my initial points and that they had made this into something so much more than it needed to be if they had just given me a response in the first instance!

I was told that the letter was their final response that had been checked with a manager and that she would read my letter and respond in writing but if Im not happy I should go to the financial ombudsmen service (FOS). I agreed as they were clearly unwilling to deal with my complaint and maybe I would get somewhere if i called them.

I did that same day. Explained the whole sorry story and they sent me forms etc and I wrote out my main concerns and sent it all off.

Now I received a call today from them to say that they had received all info fro C&G and they have decided that they cant uphold my complaint since they explained to them about the 7 extra months (Funny they couldn't explain it to me!)
And as C&G had already given me £50 for the poor service that is all they would recommend and that's the end of that.

Now here is where I need your opinion, am I completely deluded or am I right to think that this is a joke?

I still don't have the answers I wanted in December and that by giving me £50 I'm expected to put up and shut up like they have bought my scilence?? I feel that they have said well We gave you money and told the FOS the info you wanted so we wash out hand of it! I told the lady from the FOS this but she didnt seem to know what to say to me!

I just want them to take responsibility for the shit customer service and actually deal with my complaint!!!

AIBU do I need to let this go now? if not where do I go from here??

If you got this far thank you! and any advice you might have I really appreciate!

Hooya Sat 09-Mar-13 08:45:07


From my experience the FOS does err on the side of the customer so you are unlikely to have the result overturned. However there is a very simple way to get the info you need - submit a Subject Access Request to both the C&G and FOS. They can charge you for it but only the admin cost so should not be more than a couple of £. They are legally bound to provide all data they hold about you, which should include the explanation the G&G gave to the FOS regarding your complaint.

They can't ignore your SAR and if they do you can complain to the Information Commissioners' Office, which I seem to remember is dead easy.

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