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Ex husband and his access

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mrsfleming32 Tue 05-Mar-13 19:44:27

I'm having a nightmare. I split with ex just over a year ago due to his drinking and general inability to behave like a normal person. Now, a year on, I have my own flat and a new relationship with a wonderful man who adores me and my 5 year old daughter. Ex insists on seeing her every single day, comes to see her around 5.30 every evening, and ideally he wants to visit her at my flat. I don't want him in my flat, I feel I can't move on with my life, and my man has to wait until he's gone to come and see me. I feel I can't tell him about my new relationship as he will be completely unreasonable and make my life a misery. I really need some advice. Do I tell him and face the circumstances? What is most annoying is that when we were together he totally took us for granted and now he thinks he is father of the year. Would love to hear from anyone in the same position.

MajaBiene Tue 05-Mar-13 21:36:13

I think you need to find a compromise that works. Could your DD do an after school club/activity one or two nights a week that you could drop her off to and her Dad could pick her up from, and then take her to school the next morning? That would really reduce the amount of contact you have to have with him and time he spends in your flat. Maybe that plus every other weekend.

At the moment it sounds like he was a brilliant deal - a quick visit every day but not having to do any actual parenting, and you get no break.

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