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To dislike Brian McFadden

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madamezouzou Mon 04-Mar-13 13:34:12

There's a quote from him in this DM article where he says:

'They [the kids] have got really terrible northern, Manchester accents. They're really common because of where they live and who they live with.’

AIBU to think that it's just not on to criticise your children- or anyone's children, really- like that? Personal feelings about accents/ "common-ness" (blergh) aside. Imagine how they will feel when they read that some day.

Sounds like he's buggered off to somewhere more glamorous and now regards his old life, and his old family, as beneath him. Not on.


lolaflores Mon 04-Mar-13 14:18:22

wonder what his own mammy thinks about the sterling gentleman she has raised? I am sure she can walk the streets of the Northside head held high and proud of punch of her darling son. The total tool that he is. I feel sorry for his poor old mum, the shame of him

Writehand Mon 04-Mar-13 14:47:35

It's fun seeing how many other people rate this guy as badly as I do. I can't abide the sorry excuse for a dad. What's always riled me is that when his ex had her various problems he was always out there slagging her off while - at the same time - moving to fucking Australia!!!

He never seems to register that criticising the other parent while not even being in the same hemisphere as his kids disqualifies him. If he cared so much why didn't he stay? His ex could've done with the support.

Kerry Katona, for all her faults, seems to have tried to do her best despite struggling against a lousy upbringing and big mental health issues. Her passionate love for her kids comes over, as does the efforts she makes to stay clean and do better. She's humble & open about her faults, and brave.

He doesn't like their accents? Ferchrisakes!! Why did he marry a woman with an accent he didn't like?

Even in his custody battles he was not looking to get them himself. Oh no, that might interfere with his wonderful career in Australia, he wanted his mother to bring them up.

If I couldnt for whatever reason get custody of my kids, I would be moving as close to them as possible. Particularly if they were being brought up by a drug addict, alcholic married to a very dubious character, as Kerry Katona was for many years.

Absolutely, DixieD!! Kudos for putting your finger right on the button.

We used to worry ourselves sick about my DSD's mother and home situation, and though we couldn't do much unless something big happened we could at least stay as close as poss. By moving to Australia, Bryan McFadden pretty much abdicated as a dad.

kinkyfuckery Mon 04-Mar-13 14:50:26

He is an absolutely useless wanker. Everything I read about this vile excuse for a father makes me want to punch him in the face. I really struggle to imagine how anyone could possibly not dislike him!

RubberBullets Mon 04-Mar-13 15:20:22

Northern accents are on the most part lush. YANBU

lolaflores Mon 04-Mar-13 15:21:24

I also think that his issue with the accents is a deep seated Irish prejudice about sounding "English". I can say that as I have had first hand experience of it. Utter fuckwit that he is.

InLoveWithDavidTennant Mon 04-Mar-13 15:30:10

cant stand the fecker and never have. he's a complete twat... and this is coming from a westlife fan blush i was so happy when he decided to leave. best decision he ever made. why is he still around? cant believe people still like him tbh

he's never been there for his kids and moved miles and miles away as soon as he could. then cheating on kk and turning it around like it was all her fault angry

i like kk... always have done and im so pleased she's turned her life around. i hope it continues

Nancy66 Mon 04-Mar-13 15:37:02

I agree that he is a cock.

however I have lost count of the number of times KK has supposedly 'turned her life around' so I wouldn't count your chickens yet on that one...

threerings Mon 04-Mar-13 15:37:55

Did he ever stop to think how his kids friends will react at school to them. O I see what your dad thinks of you in the article, nice one Brian. I salute kk in all her struggles and battles she can still hold her head high and be proud that she has brought up such lovely kids that love,respect and adore her For all her faults she has made good and is a mum that puts her kids first. You BRIAN should keep your sorry arse under the stone you crawled out from under..

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 04-Mar-13 15:44:59

I remember KK when she was on I'm a Celebrity, she was so totally in love with him and her kids. She won it that year and was really funny and sweet.
I think he destroyed her self esteem when he dumped her and I always wish her luck in her struggles.
He, on the other hand is an arrogant talentless twat, hanging on by his fingernails to his non existent career.

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Mon 04-Mar-13 15:46:59

It's not like Kerry was posh then became not so. He knocked her up twice, what the fuck accent did he expect his dds to have? What sort of a twat is he? Why move to the other side of the world to his children then still think he's entitled to slate the parent who remained there for them? So many questions.

Lottapianos Mon 04-Mar-13 15:54:26

'I also think that his issue with the accents is a deep seated Irish prejudice about sounding "English". I can say that as I have had first hand experience of it.'

Completely agree with this (have Irish family and grew up there). My aunt and uncle are Irish but have lived in London for 35 years and raised their 2 kids there. When their kids were little and developed Cockney accents, this seemed to come as a shock to my uncle who would tell my aunt to 'teach those kids to speak properly'. What a genius hmm

He seems like a grade A scumbag to me. A complete talent-free zone too. I'm not a KK fan but like other posters have said, she is the only one out of the two of them who seems to have done any actual parenting. He sounds really vile.

And not that it matters, but Manc is one of my favourite accents ever smile

shockers Mon 04-Mar-13 15:59:39

I remember her coming out of the jungle and he was there to meet her. She looked stunned and asked why he was there, he replied that he was there because he loved her. You could see the confusion/hurt/hope on her face... she knew it was a publicity stunt on his part.

I don't really follow KK or other slebs, but that moment when he leeched off her success stuck with me as being particularly cruel as he had already been linked to an Australian girl who's name escapes me.

lolaflores Mon 04-Mar-13 16:27:53

Delta DullOne. who wisely moved along not too long ago

lolaflores Mon 04-Mar-13 16:29:26

pianos a lot of time and effort was expended thrashing the English accent out of myself and others upon our return to Ireland as kids. his attitude is not new or surprising. the jumped up fucking gurrier.
KK don't marry your new man, if you are listening. just don't love. you know him 5 minutes, he simply cannot be The One, tyhere have been too many for that to mak,e any sense anymore

cornycruzcampo Mon 04-Mar-13 16:38:31

he is the opposite of Peter Andre.
He really, really can't be bothered about his kids.
The purple gluttonous cock.

FutTheShuckUp Mon 04-Mar-13 16:42:05

Horrible man, always disliked him and hated and still do hate the way the press pulled KK to shreds after falling to pieces when he fucked off with someone else yet he escaped any criticism

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Mon 04-Mar-13 17:36:31

Brian makes the Andre look like a fucking God of parenting.

lolaflores Mon 04-Mar-13 18:05:46

I want to know why he even has a career at this point in civilisation? What is the point of him anyway? amusing as his great bloated face is in perhaps a sideshow aspect, what else does he bring to humanity

emma123ab Mon 04-Mar-13 18:34:05

Brian has let them 2 daughters down big time by never being there he's a total idiot. And I was disgusted with Kerrys mtv show when she was on drugs and had her stepsister minding her kids and looking after everything. But she has come a long way and deserves credit for that. But I really don't like Brian or Kerry and the kids are the ones who suffer.

emma123ab Mon 04-Mar-13 18:42:15

As for Kerry being honest I thought she got caught on video by The NOTW snorting Cocaine and said it was a one off and then had to admit after that she was addicted, I wouldn't call her that honest.

flippinada Mon 04-Mar-13 19:03:14

YANBU. He has the repellent, porcine features of the terminally self-satisfied.

I suppose he does serve some purpose, in that he provides a splendid example of what not to be like.

So, for example, if he does something, all decent people know to do the exact opposite.

flippinada Mon 04-Mar-13 19:05:07

I would like to retract my previous statement, as it's unfair to pigs, who have at least some positive qualities.

Jelly15 Mon 04-Mar-13 19:18:37

He is a horrible, worthless waste of space. He compares himself to Robbie Williams on leaving a sucessful band - what a joke! Robbie has talent and went on to have a sucessful solo career.

I really feel for those little girls with that useless set of parents but at least Kerry seems to love them. I am sure Brian wishes he could wash his hands of them only it would effect his image.

gimmecakeandcandy Mon 04-Mar-13 19:25:53

Agree he is a total knob. He cheated on Kezza on his stag do and she forgave him and he has been shitting on her ever since.

BornInACrossFireHurricane Mon 04-Mar-13 19:31:42

He is a dick of the highest order.

How can anyone be that that thick?

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