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To of started this thread?

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atthewelles Mon 04-Mar-13 10:52:35

It must be very anoying when posters keep littering there threads with stupid grammer and spelling. So I taught it would be a good idea to start a thread for the grammar police full with errors So if your a member of this group and you're time is being wasted, trawling through treads for mistakes this could mean you don't loose so much time. It will also mean you might not be effected by this stuff on other threads as you will get it out of your system here.
So anyway, weather or not your a member of the dreaded grammer police its open to you to come on this thread and spot the mistakes, misspellings, stray apostrophes, incorret use of full stops and commas etc.

Every single mistake you spot is DELIBERATE. None of them are here unintentionally grin

MrsCosmopilite Thu 07-Mar-13 09:23:14

See, normally I am the grammar police - BUT - only when it matters. So if someone has posted asking for help, and there are what I'd perceive as errors in spelling and grammar, that would be unimportant to me. What would concern me would be the problem they were seeking help with.

HOWEVER, if someone was a teacher, lawyer etc. and was making errors in spelling and grammar, in their daily duties, then I would be picking up on it.

Fwiw, I have several friends with differing learning difficulties, and I know that they do struggle with constructing sentences, writing and spelling. Some of them chose to use programmes that help them (software), some of them chose not to. If they're writing something for other people to read, and I have been asked to read through their work, I will politely and tactfully point out errors that might confuse readers. I would not be insulting and abusive to them about their 'shortcomings'.

Sallyingforth Thu 07-Mar-13 10:25:30

See, that is no way for the grammar police to start a sentence.
Sorry MrsC.

MrsCosmopilite Thu 07-Mar-13 10:34:39


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