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to think I witnessed a woman in Morrisons today that the majority of you would judge?

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ChildlikeConfusion Sun 03-Mar-13 18:07:09

It was about 11:30ish and she was wearing a bright pink onesie ... tucked inside a pair of Uggs.

This also isn't even a local Morrisons, it was in a retail park not that close to a residential area, so it's not like she'd just popped in to buy some milk.

Lord knows what was in her trolley wink

KatieMiddleton Sun 03-Mar-13 18:21:57

I wouldn't have judge. But I would have done a much better job than you op if studying the species.

1. Track subject round supermarket
2. Note contents of basket/trolley
3. Post it on MN


CommanderShepard Sun 03-Mar-13 18:22:00

As I understand it some people have 'posh' pyjamas for outdoor use (I have relatives in Carlisle which seems to have adopted the trend most enthusiastically)

mrsjay Sun 03-Mar-13 18:22:03

we are going to be in the minority there will be threads about those people with clothes on in morrisons did you see them grin

mrsjay Sun 03-Mar-13 18:22:22

OH outside Pjs confused

getmeoutofthismadhouse Sun 03-Mar-13 18:22:46

I was in our local asda a few weeks ago and there were 2 women shopping .. wearing rollers ?? The massive kind and not much more than a pair of pjs and ugg boots , couldve been trackies but I couldnt believe it !!

cowmop Sun 03-Mar-13 18:25:47

I see your onesie wearer and raise you a woman in pj's, slippers and dressing gown at 2.30 this afternoon parked blocking one lane of a 2 lane road using a metal shovel to pick horse shit up and put it in a pink Hello Kitty bin which she then put in her footwell before driving off.

I kid you not! DH and I sat waiting to pass her looking like this confused at each other.

everlong Sun 03-Mar-13 18:25:54

Nah. As long as she was clean I don't care.

Owllady Sun 03-Mar-13 18:26:02

after having three children i wish i could wear a onesie at all tbh

Owllady Sun 03-Mar-13 18:26:14

quite envious obviously grin

anonacfr Sun 03-Mar-13 18:28:10

I was walking down the street the other day when I saw a cyclist wearing a flesh coloured unitard. I did the massivest double take- he really did look naked.
I saw him again from the other side and there was a logo thing on his unitard- said something about nearly naked cyclist.

ChildlikeConfusion Sun 03-Mar-13 18:28:26

I wouldn't have judge. But I would have done a much better job than you op if studying the species.

Terribly sorry. I will try better next time grin

ReluctantBeing Sun 03-Mar-13 18:28:31

Earlier in the week we were in the petrol station and saw a whole family in pyjamas. The Mum got out and filled The car up. She sent her teenage daughter in to pay. The daughter was even barefoot.

MechanicalTheatre Sun 03-Mar-13 18:29:48

I know I'm old, because this baffles me.

As does pyjamas.


VodkaJelly Sun 03-Mar-13 18:30:27

My DC is 12 and has a onsie for lazing around the house in. Never in a million years would he go out in it, if somebody knocks on the front door he bolts up the stairs incase somebody outside the family should glimpse him in it.

And no photos allowed either just incase we show them to someone, he would die of shame.

mrsjay Sun 03-Mar-13 18:31:49

*I know I'm old, because this baffles me.

As does pyjamas.


and me I just don't get it and do sigh a lot

Tallgiraffe Sun 03-Mar-13 18:32:31

We saw a woman in a dalmatian onesie in a service station on the M6 recently. DH had never seen one before, his face kept me chuckling the rest of the journey!

Oh and curlers are heading East - can now be spotted in Manchester too confused

Piffpaffpoff Sun 03-Mar-13 18:34:13

anon we saw a whole 'sponsored cycle' of cyclists wearing those naked suits. Was most disturbing when we passed the first two, but by about the fifth we had thankfullyworked out that they were indeed actually wearing clothes.

andubelievedthat Sun 03-Mar-13 18:35:42

Ok ,Cowmop, i will equal your wager AND raise you a "big brassy ring on every finger" BUT! as dealbreaker ? where u see said people ? are you talking minging council estate ,flat screen tvs etc etc la dee da dee da or..."up and coming new build area with morgage in neg. equity ..?

SkinnybitchWannabe Sun 03-Mar-13 18:37:19

I think they're all attention seeking morons.

Smudging Sun 03-Mar-13 18:37:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

D0G Sun 03-Mar-13 18:39:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MechanicalTheatre Sun 03-Mar-13 18:39:44

It was always my intention to make the boiler suit a fashion trend. A dream, if you will.

Now, that will never be, because people will just think it's a onesie.

peppertree Sun 03-Mar-13 18:42:28

Good on her i say!

PenelopePisstop Sun 03-Mar-13 18:43:43

Saw a woman in a wedding dress in Morrisons a couple of years ago. They run out of booze at the wedding barbie and they just popped in for supplies!

My friend and I were gobsmacked. Ther are always plenty of women and girls in there in their jamas, it is Rochdale though sad

deemented Sun 03-Mar-13 18:48:07

I make my kids change into onesies after swimming lessons. Much easier than struggling back into proper clothes.

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