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to expect people to know...

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cheeseandchive Sat 02-Mar-13 12:53:32

that referencing Wikipedia is NOT ok at university level?!

<slams head on desk repeatedly>

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sat 02-Mar-13 12:54:53

YANBU. I once had to teach an entire 3rd year undergrad class this. Boils my piss.

lljkk Sat 02-Mar-13 12:58:17

lol, tell us more?

cheeseandchive Sat 02-Mar-13 13:02:56

working with a group who have got majority wikipedia references for the research on a third year essay topic.

Not. Ok.

How do I tell them?!

Cheddars Sat 02-Mar-13 13:03:49

I'm so glad the Internet didn't exist when I did my degree. There's so much information about stuff online. I could only use the uni library which made research much more compact somehow. smile

theboob Sat 02-Mar-13 13:05:19

I'm a 3rd year and have always been taught that wiki is the devil grin
we had a lecture in first year about how reliable it is and hiw it can be changed etc

nickelbabe Sat 02-Mar-13 13:06:01


CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 02-Mar-13 13:07:03

It's because they're not discouraged from using Wikipedia at secondary level. Don't even talk to me about cutting and pasting straight from it into a PowerPoint document.....

These kids are not taught about appropriate sources. And the teachers seem to think them using Wikipedia is ok. Bad habits....

IneedAgoldenNickname Sat 02-Mar-13 13:07:30

I'm studying access at college, and we were told for unit one we could use wiki, but never again ever! Not sure how you can get to third year at uni and not know!

SweepTheHalls Sat 02-Mar-13 13:08:59

They blimin well are discouraged at secondary level! I detest it and give a U grade to any work which is copy and paste.

WestieMamma Sat 02-Mar-13 13:09:27

Do what my husband does when his students become attached to Wikipedia. Go in and edit the relevant information to a whole load of nonsense and embarass the hell out of those who use it.

cheeseandchive Sat 02-Mar-13 13:09:59

Imagine it's pretty prevalent because the information is plentiful, if not accurate.

And quantity is ALWAYS better than quality, right?


lockets Sat 02-Mar-13 13:11:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsCosmopilite Sat 02-Mar-13 13:13:15

I'm doing a Masters. Someone on my course used wiki referencing. Aaargh!

MrsCosmopilite Sat 02-Mar-13 13:14:12

Posted too soon...

We are encouraged to use Google Scholar, and expand searches from there.
There are also lots of free papers on PlosOne.

I think you just have to tell them NO!

cheeseandchive Sat 02-Mar-13 13:18:21

Ahh MrsCosmo, you totally win. Best of luck with that one! wink

Thumbwitch Sat 02-Mar-13 13:18:26

Does your institution not have a student handbook that explains this thoroughly?Along with useful info on plagiarism? Point them in the direction of that, maybe?

Groovee Sat 02-Mar-13 13:22:35

My children have both been told in Primary not to use it and dd now at high school has been told not to use it either due to it often being factually incorrect.

nickelbabe Sat 02-Mar-13 13:23:25

a copy and paste would be a straight forward disqualification due to plagiarism.
at some unis, they would throw you off your course for that.

hell, i'm reluctant to give wiki as a citation on MN never mind in a degree course!

cheeseandchive Sat 02-Mar-13 13:25:18

We all have the handbook, I don't understand how people don't know.

Just find it a bit frustrating as I'm doing the lions share of the work (voluntarily, admittedly) and have been really thorough in my researching, but seems a bit pointless if no-one else is doing the same!

lockets maybe I should work with your son!

Binkyridesagain Sat 02-Mar-13 13:26:26

DD is a 3rd year uni student and has never used a wiki reference, at the start of first year they were informed that any work submitted that had any wiki involvement would not be marked. The threat seems to have worked

Thumbwitch Sat 02-Mar-13 13:27:57

I used to work on a peer-reviewed journal, and someone was asked to do an article for us - while editing this article, something needed checking and I discovered that the author had lifted the entire section from an online source. I then went on to check the rest of the article and around 90% of it was C&Pd from various online sources shock - needless to say it was not printed, and that author was never asked to contribute again!

Trills Sat 02-Mar-13 13:30:46

YANBU at all.

Wikipedia is very big on getting references for all the facts that are stated - you could always use it as a place to find good "real" sources.

JaquelineHyde Sat 02-Mar-13 13:31:07

YANBU how can anyone think that it is ok to reference Wiki confused

It is the laziest thing I have ever heard!

OK start there and get some basics for your essay, but then check the bloody things, do another Google search use scholar back up what you have found on Wiki and then reference that.


This makes me so angry

badtime Sat 02-Mar-13 13:38:24

When I was doing my Masters, I did read the wikipedia articles, along with everything else, but if I wanted to reproduce a point from wiki, I would go to the article footnotes and actually read the original source, as this is the only way to know if the wiki article is anywhere near accurate. The main problem I actually find with wikipedia is that most articles only give a very limited amount of information and a narrow perspective.

(We got training on how to use all sorts of online databases, but I am lazy).

I find it hard to understand how a 3rd year UG could think it is appropriate to cite wikipedia (in anything other than an essay about wikipedia or something else where it would be directly relevant).

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