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To be a little sad we can only afford one child

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filibear Fri 01-Mar-13 20:18:30

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OhMerGerd Sat 02-Mar-13 15:26:02

Of course it is all about choices. And if course there will be some people for whom having one child is the right financial choice and/ or the right personal emotional choice. The OP was asking if she being unreasonable to be a little bit sad she she can only afford one child. Well, no... If you are sure you can only afford one OP and you'd have liked more then no you're not being unreasonable to feel sad. If on the other hand you think y

OhMerGerd Sat 02-Mar-13 15:29:28

Ou can only afford one and are interested in how others have managed more than one a few of us have offered up some thoughts.
On paper we could not afford any when we had DD1, and again when DD 2 came along. Yes one of us has sacrificed advancement in career but both of us have worked and so we have not claimed or been entitled to anything but the universal child benefit even though on paper we'd never had enough to raise a family.

OhMerGerd Sat 02-Mar-13 15:33:37

And yes OP having one is brilliant too. Lots of people can't have one child and look Longingly at your situation. You'll be able to enjoy every minute of her childhood, teens etc without the distraction of anybody else and feel satisfied in your career too.
So do enjoy and don't feel sad.

Goldenbear Sat 02-Mar-13 16:22:01

I would not feel 'sad' quite yet if your DC is only 2. I didn't even want to contemplate another in year 2 arriving as I'm hugely disorganised and thought I'd be incredibly stressed with the focus being split- I'm no multi-tasker!

If you have a 3 bedroom mews house, you have a 3 bedroom mews house and you have the space in my mind. I live in a 2 double bedroom flat and it is fine. We moved to a house in an area we could afford but I hated it and missed urban life so we moved back again and lost the 3rd bedroom and garden- we still went ahead. However, I'm a SAHM and despite living in a flat, it's a nice flat and we have a good standard of living in terms of buying good food, day trips, a decent car. On the other hand this will be the first year that DS (5) will go on holiday abroad as we have simply not been able to afford it.

Zzzzmarchhare Sat 02-Mar-13 16:31:53

Is the whole no space in the house thing related to when you had PND? I used to only see the good points in our house but being stuck in (and I went out most days-but not the same as work) with a screaming baby and PND made me hate it. If I still feel the same way when I'm ready to ttc no 2 want to move.

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