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To be a little sad we can only afford one child

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filibear Fri 01-Mar-13 20:18:30

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

FannyFifer Fri 01-Mar-13 20:20:27

Didn't find having a second child more expensive, had most of the equipment like buggy etc.

filibear Fri 01-Mar-13 20:21:17

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

BegoniaBampot Fri 01-Mar-13 20:22:33

Childcare is one thing but do you need a bigger house?

BabsAndTheRu Fri 01-Mar-13 20:22:42

Yep, no worse of financially with the three we have than when it was just one.

lisad123everybodydancenow Fri 01-Mar-13 20:23:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nalubeadsgirl Fri 01-Mar-13 20:24:00

Could one of you stay at home? MY DP is packing in work to look after DD when I go back to work. I don't earn a lot, but literally just enough. We've got rid of lots of things to be able to do this. It's amazing how much you can cut your cloth accordingly.

I can't see how 2 is any more expensive than one've got all the stuff you need from the first one? First one would be on same food as no diff really in food costs? Two children can share same room...

noisytoys Fri 01-Mar-13 20:24:02

Me, DH and 2 DDs live in a gardenless 1.5 bed flat. DDs have a bunk bed in their room that is it. We decluttered like mad and don't have anything we don't need. It's great. Also 2 DDs were no more expensive than 1 smile

thezebrawearspurple Fri 01-Mar-13 20:24:03

An extra child won't be large enough to require a bigger house, bedrooms can always be shared.

sannaville Fri 01-Mar-13 20:24:47

It's more when they get older and have expensive hobbies that sets you back I think. Not too bad when they're younger

mrsjay Fri 01-Mar-13 20:25:04

leave a gap so 1 is at school before you have another and why would you need to move house to have another child ?

hiddenhome Fri 01-Mar-13 20:25:11

Could you have your attic converted to create an extra bedroom? It's a shame that you can't afford another child if you'd really like one.

mrsjay Fri 01-Mar-13 20:26:29

you dont need to pamper to expensive hobbies they pick a 'thing' each children dont need expensive hobbies to be happy ime,

TheWheelies Fri 01-Mar-13 20:26:52

Focus on what you have! There you go. ( you did ask!)

Sounds like you've been through an awful lot, so I hope it starts to get lots easier for you from now on. That must have been really tough.

BrainDeadMama Fri 01-Mar-13 20:27:02

We don't have much money (although do work) and didn't see this as a reason not to have 2 kiddies.

3 on the other hand...

Do you want another child, deep down? Does your partner?

Imsosorryalan Fri 01-Mar-13 20:29:26

I think you'll regret not having another if you really want another. Our two share a bedroom and I'm a very poor SAHM!
Friends of ours have 3 dcs under 4 in a 2 bed flat with no garden and on the 3rd floor! They not only manage but are happy!

Crikeyblimey Fri 01-Mar-13 20:29:27

We took the decisi

PenguinBear Fri 01-Mar-13 20:29:44

Please don't let the money put you off! If you want a second dc for it. You've probably still got all your baby stuff from
DS and they could share a room till they're about 11/12!

Belugagrad Fri 01-Mar-13 20:30:29

Filibear, your post really spoke to me. My dd is 18 months and we can't afford another. Our flat is too small, we have a large debt and can't afford to move. I'd love another but we'd need to win the lottery. It makes
Me very sad. I don't have any advice really. Sorry. I just try and be grateful for my lot as I am very lucky. Nows a bad time as all my friends are having number 2, in sure it will get easier.

countrykitten Fri 01-Mar-13 20:30:52

Sorry I am going to be deeply U now but I hate the word 'kiddies'. There said it.

OP - are there ways you could make it work if you followed some of the good advice above? Is it what you both really want?

BabsAndTheRu Fri 01-Mar-13 20:31:26

Why do you need a bigger house? We have a 3 bed semi, DS1 and DS2 share a room and DD has her own room. I'm on a career break just now as my full wage would have gone on childcare. Hoping to go back in the summer to work weekends, so will actually be better off as no money going on childcare as DP will be there. Things are tight and you have to budget but wouldn't change a thing, we are so happy our wee team, and you know that things get better as they get older as you can do more hours.

filibear Fri 01-Mar-13 20:32:08

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

filibear Fri 01-Mar-13 20:34:02

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Crikeyblimey Fri 01-Mar-13 20:34:37

We took the decision to only have one for financial reasons (plus my age and the fact it had taken a long time to get ds in the first place). It made me very sad for a while.

However, it WAS a decision and now I have accepted it. We have good holidays, room to spread out, never have to say no to cub camp, music lessons, school trips etc.

I know a sibling would possibly have enhanced ds's life but there are no guarantees either way.

It really is a decision both of you have to come to though or it will hurt for a long time.

My advice is, talk talk talk and talk some more. That way, when you do decide (either way) it will be the right decision.

nalubeadsgirl Fri 01-Mar-13 20:36:25

OP could you not just take a career break and re-train? I'm on my third career smile If you really really want another child, don't let work (which is, let's face it, only there to pay the bills!) stand in your way. It would be awful for you to put work first and then they don't put you first! (sorry, speaking as someone who's experienced redundancy...I now place work firmly behind family in terms of priorities!)

You have 3 bedrooms, albeit new build, but fail to see how just 2 of you and a small child have that much stuff! De-clutter, very therapeutic! Surround yourself with only things you need and love grin

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