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to not like Carrie Bradshaw?

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RainbowCrystals Thu 28-Feb-13 16:29:42

(Not sure if this is the right section but ...)

I recently re-watched the whole of S&TC (ill in bed with not much else to do), and never realised before what a whiney, needy and obsessive woman she really is.

She only apologised to Natasha for having an affair with her husband because she couldn't believe someone in New York could hate her that much hmm

She willingly went back to Big countless times regardless of knowing that she was going to be hurt again.

She screwed over Aidan twice

I could go on grin

I know she's just a fictional character and the show would be boring if she was perfect.

But aibu to really dislike her?

anonacfr Mon 04-Mar-13 11:49:03

Apparently SJP got more and more input in the character of Carrie as the series went on.
So all the posing, clutching her chest with her veiny hands and licking her lips 'seductively' were all her.
As well as acting like an OTT teenager with men (remember when she fainted with the Russian?) and calling her 40 something friends 'gals'. Yuck.

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