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Why won't they sell me this pushchair?

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OutsideOverThere Tue 26-Feb-13 10:29:49

I'm beginning to think I must be a blacklisted customer or something so if anyone understands business, and the way it works, please can you reassure me smile

I was looking for a particular pushchair to fit in our car, and came across one in an older model, in our local independant pram shop, on their website. It's quite a bit cheaper than the new version.

It's pink - I have a boy - but the pink bit is changeable to another colour so that's Ok.
I went in yesterday to look at it, and they said they have another in blue but I'd need to buy the 'cocoon' thing with it as it's a package. (these are old new stock I presume, so might be hard for them to get rid of the cocoons on their own?)
Anyway it was going to be another £50 more than the pink one so I said I'd think it over.
I looked on ebay and there are loads of cocoons for sale. So I decided it would make sense to buy the pink one and then replace the pink bit from ebay, too.

I rang them this morning to ask about it and the woman said, the pink one comes as a package now - it includes the footmuff and cocoon in pink, and it's £500 hmm which is £121 more than the original price.

I don't want the extra bits. I said to her can I not just buy the pushchair? She said no.
So I said it's still on your website, and she said, yes it was changed last week but hasn't been updated yet.

So I said Ok, I'll have to leave it, thanks anyway. It's still on the website and I am tempted to order it and pay!

So is there a plausible reason for this malarkey, or is it just that they hate me and don't want to sell it to me? I would have thought they'd be glad of a sale but maybe I am getting it all wrong.

Thanks if you can explain smile

OutsideOverThere Tue 26-Feb-13 15:59:50

yikes shock

do I know you?!! grin

OutsideOverThere Tue 26-Feb-13 16:01:22

I meant the pram begins with a B. But anyway...

how did you figure it out? I guess everyone reads these threads with an image in their mind of their own local area/shops, and sometimes it matches up!

NayFindus Tue 26-Feb-13 16:31:05

I tried to buy a buggy there! It was a hauer something or other and they were really unhelpful and said theirs was only a display model so I couldn't try it out hmm but that I couldn't get a discount with it being a display model. Then somebody brought their bamboo baby towels back for a refund and the staff told them their towels were fine, they don't do refunds and that was the nature of bamboo towels.... the customer had pre washed them and they practically fell apart, they were all threadbare! So I quietly left and shopped elsewhere. Tbh, I think they prefer hire purchase customers there.

Glad you got your pram smile

OutsideOverThere Tue 26-Feb-13 16:33:49

Crikey. that's shoddy isn't it - well it makes me glad I didn't get it there in that case.

I would love to work in a shop like that but probably not for a boss who is so, hmm, what's the word? I got the feeling she is a bit controlling. I would know too much about prams. She hates me I think! smile

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