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To feel a bit upset that my friend has not invited me to her wedding?

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stormforce10 Sun 24-Feb-13 22:52:57

We've known each other since we were 11 and stayed good friends. I met her fiancee on a train which got delayed, we talked for hours, stayed in touch and a few years ago I introduced them and 10 months ago they got engaged.

This evening I spoke to her and she told me that she's decided not to invite me to their wedding in April as she only wants a small one. Fair enough but given she's invited all her work colleagues and quite a lot of our other friends and their families AIBU to feel somewhat upset and wonder if there is another reason she's decided to leave me out

GibberTheMonkey Sat 27-Apr-13 09:45:51

Something very very similar happened to me with my best friend who I had known since I was four. Don't want to say too much on here but as I am still friends with her but it does also still really hurt nearly ten years later.

GibberTheMonkey Sat 27-Apr-13 09:52:33

I'm sorry I only saw the first page for some reason
Seen all the later stuff now
My situation was not the same as that

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