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to wish I was Scottish

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kim147 Sun 24-Feb-13 13:59:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FannyFifer Sun 24-Feb-13 14:18:26

Do yiz remember the rude words to Scotland the Brave? wink
Well rude when we were at Primary School.

cloutiedumpling Sun 24-Feb-13 14:18:43

The tune that we use for Highland Cathedral was written by Germans. I'd rather have something 500 miles too.

WildThong Sun 24-Feb-13 14:18:44

I like a bit of passion particularly when displayed by fit rugby players
Personally can't stand Flower of Scotland, dirgey bordering on racist shite.

Salmotrutta Sun 24-Feb-13 14:19:10

<snorts out coffee>

Well really redlac!! shock grin

cloutiedumpling Sun 24-Feb-13 14:19:11

Argh. I'd rather have 500 miles too. I don't know where the "something" came from

HazeltheMcWitch Sun 24-Feb-13 14:19:44

You can still march to that verse, redlac, so it can remain.

You can march to La Marseillaise also, but it would be incy-wincy tippetty-tappy steps.

Salmotrutta Sun 24-Feb-13 14:20:33

Yes, I know Highland Cathedral was written by Germans but, I DON'T CARE!


SauvignonBlanche Sun 24-Feb-13 14:20:56

Sorry FannyFifer I thought that was so obvious that I didn't need to type out in full, 'the GB anthem that is played when England are being represented', I shall do so in future when not distracted by the rugby.

Salmotrutta Sun 24-Feb-13 14:21:59

Sort of like swing dancing Hazel?

Moominsarehippos Sun 24-Feb-13 14:22:31

Someone has probably pointed this out already... But God Save the Queen isn't the English national anthem, is the UK one. Isn't Jerusalem the 'unoffician' english one? I'd rather it were Vindaloo or Always Loon on the Bright Side or Life. Or as Billy Connelly said, The Archers theme tune.

salemsparklys Sun 24-Feb-13 14:23:17

Love being scottish, not impressed with an english ref for this game, wouldnt think its fair to have a scottish ref at an english game either.

FannyFifer Sun 24-Feb-13 14:25:54

I would think the ref would be utterly professional & unbiased whatever his nationality.

Moominsarehippos Sun 24-Feb-13 14:26:10

You're not hinting at racism, surely! I thought he was south african. Or maybe that was the football. Something with blokes and balls anyway. I was just looking at the thighs anyway.

salemsparklys Sun 24-Feb-13 14:29:01

Been shown before that they arent, such is the way of the world

SauvignonBlanche Sun 24-Feb-13 14:29:23

I agree, the ref wouldn't show bias.
In the unlikely event that they did, surely they would favour Scotland as England have already beaten them, so a Scottish win would be preferable for them?

MechanicalTheatre Sun 24-Feb-13 14:35:46

Salmo I'm lolling that you think Flower of Scotland is mawkish while espousing Caledonia. Both mawkish in the extreme, but that's what's so great about being Scottish. We ARE mawkish, just a wee bit.

I'm reading a Rebus book at the moment. He goes to a club, the bouncer won't let him in and makes a sarky comment.

Rebus: I'm going to save that one for my book.
Bouncer: What's that then?
Rebus: "Fuds say the funniest things."

Mawkish and funny. That's Scotland.

LindyHemming Sun 24-Feb-13 14:39:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redlac Sun 24-Feb-13 14:40:10

fud is the best scottish insult - it's my favourite word

Salmotrutta Sun 24-Feb-13 14:40:43

I disagree that Caledonia is mawkish.

It's mawkish to be overly sentimental about a flipping battle that happened hundreds of years ago but not mawkish to be homesick.

MechanicalTheatre Sun 24-Feb-13 14:42:17

Caledonia does bring a tear to the eye.

As does hearing the word "fud".


kim147 Sun 24-Feb-13 14:42:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Salmotrutta Sun 24-Feb-13 14:43:18


<pats Mechanical soothingly>

Thumbwitch Sun 24-Feb-13 14:44:04

Please, what does fud mean? Not something I've come across before blush except as in Elmer Fudd, of course.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 24-Feb-13 14:44:43

Has anyone else read the words to the whole of the Marseillaise? It even has a special children's verse, where the children vow to take up their parents' arms and continue the fight.

Arise children of the fatherland
The day of glory has arrived
Against us tyranny's
Bloody standard is raised
Listen to the sound in the fields
The howling of these fearsome soldiers
They are coming into our midst
To cut the throats of your sons and consorts

To arms citizens Form your battalions
March, march
Let impure blood
Water our furrows

What do they want this horde of slaves
Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
For whom these vile chains
These long-prepared irons?
Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage
What methods must be taken?
It is us they dare plan
To return to the old slavery!

What! These foreign cohorts!
They would make laws in our courts!
What! These mercenary phalanxes
Would cut down our warrior sons
Good Lord! By chained hands
Our brow would yield under the yoke
The vile despots would have themselves be
The masters of destiny

Tremble, tyrants and traitors
The shame of all good men
Tremble! Your parricidal schemes
Will receive their just reward
Against you we are all soldiers
If they fall, our young heros
France will bear new ones
Ready to join the fight against you

Frenchmen, as magnanimous warriors
Bear or hold back your blows
Spare these sad victims
That they regret taking up arms against us
But not these bloody despots
These accomplices of Bouillé
All these tigers who pitilessly
Ripped out their mothers' wombs

We too shall enlist
When our elders' time has come
To add to the list of deeds
Inscribed upon their tombs
We are much less jealous of surviving them
Than of sharing their coffins
We shall have the sublime pride
Of avenging or joining them

Drive on sacred patriotism
Support our avenging arms
Liberty, cherished liberty
Join the struggle with your defenders
Under our flags, let victory
Hurry to your manly tone
So that in death your enemies
See your triumph and our glory!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 24-Feb-13 14:45:39

Oops - I forgot to say, the last-but-one verse is the children's verse.

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