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To think this bra doesn't fit?

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StuntNun Sat 23-Feb-13 18:30:35

I went to John Lewis for a bra fitting last week as I have changed size post-pregnancy. The sales assistant sized me as a 34G which I was surprised at because I have been wearing a 36 on the second set of hooks so I'm not convinced a 34 would do up. Anyway she brought me three size 36F bras to try on as they didn't have any in 34G. I bought one because I really needed a new bra but I feel a bit squished in it - my boobs are pushed together at the front.

AIBU to think this bra doesn't fit and I should just order in size 36G from the Internet?

Which brand was it beyondthelimits?

Tortoise Sat 23-Feb-13 22:56:07

They are so expensive. I'm not sure I can afford to buy more than one at the moment especially if I have to send it back then wait for replacement or refund. sad

SCOTCHandWRY Sat 23-Feb-13 22:58:40

Thank you statisticallychallenged!

Tortoise have a look at for bargains up to a K cup. and are quite good, and i have also just ordered a couple from which were heavily reduced.

Next, just double checked and def no FFs.

And yes, thank you!! smile

it may be that next own brand don't do a FF, in which case you might find you need to go up a cup size in them.

I seem to have free delivery at the moment, so I'll order loads more if the one's I've already ordered don't fit. May well send them all back anyway, but will be nice to have rough idea of size sorted grin

Am I right in my deduction from upthread info that 36dd and 32g have the same boobage volume?

this is one which is a bit debatable. COnventional "sister sizing" is that you go up one cup size as you go down one back size to maintain cup volume. But that doesn't work out with the maths of how you calculate cup size from measurements! So based on "sister sizing" it would be equal to a 32F, but on measurements it would be equal to a G

Welcome to the confusion of bras smile

EMUZ Sat 23-Feb-13 23:10:14

32G - depends if they do a FF size but that would equal 34FF and 36F

If no FF size then 32G would be 34F or 36E

EMUZ Sat 23-Feb-13 23:10:52

Or what statistically said!!

StuntNun Sat 23-Feb-13 23:11:21

This is really interesting. I had no idea that the reason the under bust band was so tight was because the cups were too small so I need to go down a band size rather than up. Could the ladies that are trying different sizes please report back on this thread.

Stuntnun have a wee skim through

this and this

The second one is an earlier thread which saw a lot of woman undergo some crazy size changes, lots of people who thought they were a cups turning into DD!

and we are over here too

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 23-Feb-13 23:15:32

I have a question regarding the leaning forward to measure. I have emailed been BF Dd for nigh on three years. If I do the leaning forward thingy the will give a much larger measurement than over best fitting bra. But it seems just like skin hanging - there is no substance - like two socks hanging.

Should J just go for best fitting bra measurement?

The cup measurement is much harder to get from a tape measure itsallgoingtobefine. In an ideal world you would take it in a well fitting bra, but if the bra isn't great what tends to happen is that it makes your breasts too tall (for want of a better description - kind if crushes them against you and up). I haven't breast fed, but I have lost weight, gained weight and had a baby, and on me the leaning method is actually pretty good. I would maybe try taking a measurement in the most supportive bra you own, and one the leaning way, and trying a range of sizes which cover the two

In an ideal world go for a fitting, but only if you have access to somewhere GOOD - Bravissimo are generally good (although not infallible), Leia, Rigby and Peller, John LEwis (sometimes) etc. What I would say is, if you are going to get fitted, have a look at the post I put near the top of the thread that describes how to tell if a bra is good. That way you will know for yourself if the fitter is any good.

Tortoise Sat 23-Feb-13 23:21:17

Thanks Statistically. Ordered 2 bras from mycurvesandme smile

Binkyridesagain Sat 23-Feb-13 23:31:03

I try 3 different sizes when on a bra hunt, 32hh, 34h and 36gg, no matter what the style or shape, I fit mainly somewhere between those three sizes, it doesn't make it easy when shopping but it is worth the effort, for years I was wearing a 40f, my boibs where under my armpits, I was constant strapped either in the armit on on the front if my chest because wires moved, massive dents in my shoulders because the weight was hanging there unsupported. Thanks to the lovely ladies on here, I know what I'm looking for, I know I can't just pick a bra off the shelf l must fit it properly, I don't have back ache or shoulder ache and for the first time ever I like my boobs

andratx Sun 24-Feb-13 00:09:57

Hi, I posted my measurements on the other thread earlier this week. The ladies here advised me to change from a 44d (John Lewis fitting) to a 38g or 40F. I read through the thread for their advice on good makes and how to fit. Today, five Fantasie/Freya/Elomi bras arrived in the post.(not keeping them all, i need three including sports bra). I tried them on as advised, did some vigorous scooping (loads of side boob I have, it turns out)....suddenly they all fitted! I now have a pert pair of well supported boobs. Thank you to the two ladies who helped and advised xxx

Yey Andratx! I bet that feels very different after a 44D!

AbyCat Sun 24-Feb-13 00:28:49

Oh dear gawd, I just measured myself thanks to this thread, and I'm coming up with 37 under and 48 over. I always used to be a 34J and have gone up to 36JJ without getting a proper fitting as I just thought that would be better, but my boobs are so lopsided in any size, and I also get really uncomfortable with the underwiring after a long day - should I go up to a 38?

(Disclaimer, will go & get a proper fitting when I can afford another £40+ bra!!)

Most people who are between sizes actually get on better with the lower back size, so chances are the 36 is correct. Can you have a look at the pointers near the top (long post from me) and try to work out what part of your bra feels "wrong"? It could also be the wrong bra for you style wise. What bra are you wearing?

AbyCat Sun 24-Feb-13 00:45:29

Thanks statisicallychallenged - 36JJ at the moment.

Its on the tightest hook as it feels like it slips up the back on the loosest one. But I am bulging out on the right hand side if I don't hoick it in occasionally! Its a freya Jolie, I wore the Millie for years which was always perfect but they don't do them anymore. However, I've never ever been able to find a bra that has the wires which will sit flat between the boobs - just not possible with these boobs, they sit touching each other if you get what I mean. I remember crying at the lady in Rigby & Peller about 10 years ago when she gave up & said I was a freak (after calling in 2 other assistants to look at me who agreed).

So, yes, that bit always feels wrong, but the major change recently has been the soreness on each side of the ribcage bit on the side of the body with the Jolie bra.

Hmm. Few options - I have had the Jolie, and found it was great to start with BUT it stretched quite dramatically resulting in a lot of hoiking!

It really should be possible to get a bra to sit flat - I know that sounds easy to say, but I'm a borderline J cup myself, have been bigger too. I also have extremely close set breasts, with no "gap" between them at all. I have almost had to "train" myself to get used to bras which sit over, and I find I need either an extremely low, or a very high, central gore. Anything mid level hurts like crazy because it digs in to me. Does that make sense?

But I am wondering which brands you have tried/been tried in. For many people, certain brands just don't work. I have been really disappointed with Freya recently, I used to adore them and they just seem to have got very weak and poorly designed suddenly. Have you tried any of the Bravissimo own brand bras at all? I love the Alana as a day to day bra (although it's not great if your breasts are especially full on top) and it is super supportive. I have also recently bought the Betsy (go up a back size in this but stick to your regular cup) and the support and lift it gives is amazing.

helibee Sun 24-Feb-13 01:33:01

I need help. I have at least a 2 cup size different between my breasts so how on earth do I find a good bra to fit? hmm

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