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to be furious with the holiday club and the selfish mother

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Domjolly Wed 20-Feb-13 18:58:34

so ds (13) was at his holiday club today when in the car i asked him how his day had been

he told me that some mum had booked 8 children in and also given birthday invites to 8 of the children that are regulars and are already regsitered

and paid for then all and then at luch time came back with a cake and mc donalds just for the said children shock whilest the other children at the hoilday club just had to watch them having there birthday party

so basically instead of paying for cenetre to put on a party the mother used the hoilday club as a cheap way of having a do

i am pissed of with the hoilday club for letting it happen and also what kind of mother would do that so 9 other children could stand and watch.

it was ds last day today thank god or i would be having words just out of order

HollyBerryBush Wed 20-Feb-13 22:33:41

I cant imagine any of my boys getting excited about another kids birthday cake - especially not at 11/13/15

So, Op - did your kiddlet feel all left out or was it a passing comment he made to you?

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