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To ask for a reduction in rent? Or is that really cheeky?

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TheElephantIsADaintyBird Wed 20-Feb-13 08:21:02

We're renting a 3 bed detached house in the north, currently paying £750 a month. We've been here nearly a year now and they've asked if we want to carry on for another year, would it be really cheeky to ask to put rent down to £725 a month?
No idea what the etiquette on stuff like this is!

PootlePosyPerkin Wed 20-Feb-13 10:45:31

It would definitely depend on the situation of the rental market where you live. From what you describe (similar properties for less, significantly bigger ones for little more, house having been empty for at least 4 months previously etc.) it might be worth the gamble. Here though, decent rental properties are scarce and are often taken before a board even goes up. It's usual for rents to increase annually (hardly anyone gets more than a 6 month tenancy agreement at a time), and I think it would take a major change in the state of the market/available stock for tenants to be in a strong enough position to ask for a reduction.

Mind you, as Landlords can afford to be very picky about who they let their houses to here they can generally find another tenant with a squeaky clean credit record, ample income, references etc. etc. waiting to move in.

TheElephantIsADaintyBird Wed 20-Feb-13 11:13:25

Well I've asked the agent, will wait and see what the LL says. I think we would stay here anyway even if they didn't reduce the rent, although may be tempted to go on to a RPC until we have available funds to move elsewhere.
We haven't made any changes to the house as they said they don't want anything changing. Shame cos the house is soo bland, every room is a varying shade of cream.

I hope we don't piss them off, hopefully they will see we just want to save money where we can.

holidaysarenice Wed 20-Feb-13 15:39:44

from a ll point of view I would say, 25 a month x 12 months = 300 pounds = no rent for two weeks.

Wud it be empty longer if u moved/would I have work to do.

Ultimately it wud depend on, if ur a fab tenant, but if ur just ok sod off. Had my bills gone up, eg insurance, how easilyt rented, agents fees, hassle, setting a standard to ask every year etc. How reasonable ur rent is now, compared to other properties too.

Bear in mind they may say no, and ask you to leave. You can ask there is no harm. Maybe even mention something u have improved, or say you wud like to repaint/tidy (something that you plan anywayt, and wud help the ll too - mutually beneficial)

MoreBeta Wed 20-Feb-13 23:16:00

TheElephant - agents always try and push up rents and always try and push you into signing a new contract. It is a scam and that is why so many agents push you into signing a series of 6 month contracts, they get more fees. They get a fee every time a new contract is signed - if you just go to a rolling periodic tenancy they get no fee.

Many LL simply have no idea they can just roll a contract on and agents take a fee off them too. Money for old rope and most LL would be happy with a tenant that just stays on and pays the rent.

BallyGoBackwards Wed 20-Feb-13 23:21:08

We renewed our tenancy last july. We had moved in on a six month contract and only expected to stay that long however loved the area etc. Spoke to the landlady and she reduced it by 75 pound per month.

We are also rent out a house and if we were asked to reduce it we wouldnt as the monthly rent is reasonable and we know they wouldnt get better in the area.

TheElephantIsADaintyBird Thu 21-Feb-13 07:58:21

Thanks for all your advice! They're thinking about it and will get back to me tomorrow. If I could actually meet them and deal and get to know them a bit then I'd be tempted to just go on a rolling tenancy, we did that with our last landlords cos they were lovely. Hard to put trust in someone you've never met though!

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