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The number overweight people at swimming today

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pingu2209 Tue 19-Feb-13 18:40:05

I went swimming today with my 3 children. I am not exagerating to say that well over half the children and teenagers were overweight; some were seriously obese.

It really was noticable. Girls as well as boys. Anything from age 4 to 14.

Okay - at least they were exercising but I was really shocked.

ThymeLord Tue 11-Jul-17 19:38:22

I remember this from the first time round. <wistful>

user1499333856 Tue 11-Jul-17 19:27:24

It's none of your business. Good luck to them in living their life. Live yours.

Agoddessonamountaintop Tue 11-Jul-17 19:24:35

Fucking hell I just spent a good ten minutes reading this shit - IT'S A ZOMBIE THREAD!!

AufderAutobahn Tue 11-Jul-17 19:24:14


llangennith Tue 11-Jul-17 19:07:19

Zombie thread.
I remember posting on this 4 years ago.

Buthewasstillhungry Tue 11-Jul-17 19:04:55

I'm fat at the moment and I already know I am. Can't you just enjoy your own body and let other people get on with living in theirs?

Sparklingbrook Tue 11-Jul-17 19:03:26

Aww thanks squoosh. Nobody can say I didn't try. grin

Redglitter Tue 11-Jul-17 19:03:00

How do people even find these threads to resurrect them???

squoosh Tue 11-Jul-17 19:01:58

A 🏅for Sparkling for her valiant efforts! 😀

Babyblues14 Tue 11-Jul-17 19:00:36

Would you judge this much if you saw a thin person sat in a fast food place. Probably not. Have no idea with the obsession of judging people who are overweight. Its disgusting. I'm pregnant and have only put weight on my bump. Have always been thin normally so my arms and legs look tiny in comparison and I can tell when I walk down the street that people are judging me.
I'll be going out less and less the bigger my bump gets. I can't help the way the weight sits on my body but its people like you that make me not want to go out

Gingernaut Tue 11-Jul-17 18:58:53


Why does this zombie keep being resurrected?

This thread started in 2010.

Let it rest in peace.

Sparklingbrook Tue 11-Jul-17 18:57:58

<gives up>

lozzylizzy Tue 11-Jul-17 18:57:18

Yeah diminish any enjoyment of exercise by your judginess! I am sure that will help get rid of the 'fatties'.

I don't like my local pool full of gas from those that are that smug they like to smell their own farts!

Redhead17 Tue 11-Jul-17 18:55:56

I am overweight and I use the gym, I also use he weights there, there are women there that are toned, strong and on society's eyes perfect, I'm fat, pale and sweaty and I've also rubbed one of my eyebrows off, so I care no. I'd also swim, not actually bothered because I am in there doing something making changes one sweaty step at a time.

I don't think the OP was being offensive tbh just stating that kids now a days from a young age are overweight but this would not be seen 20/30 years ago as most children played outside and walked every where, we are in a lazy age now.

Sparklingbrook Tue 11-Jul-17 18:55:42

For anyone not RTFT this is a ZOMBIE THREAD from 4 years ago.

Foniks Tue 11-Jul-17 18:53:44

No way!! Fat people exercising? Wow. No. It's not on. They should just stay home and not exercise so they don't offend everybody else with their fatness. Just awful.

Do you know how many overweight people avoid gym, bike riding, swimming and exercise in general because of crap like this?

zaphodbeeblebox Tue 11-Jul-17 18:53:07

Oh for fucks sake a zombie thread, I fall for these every time!!

Sparklingbrook Tue 11-Jul-17 18:45:14

Maybe in the intervening 4 years OP has seen the light and become a nice person. <generous>

PortiaCastis Tue 11-Jul-17 18:39:05

Oh shite another perfect person !!!!

nina2b Tue 11-Jul-17 18:36:20


Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 11-Jul-17 18:17:35

Zombie or not. She's still a brazen fucking biach.

TattiePants Tue 11-Jul-17 18:15:28

You know you spend too much time on MN when you can remember reading it the first time round (and the second).....

Sparklingbrook Tue 11-Jul-17 18:06:22


zaphodbeeblebox Tue 11-Jul-17 18:06:17

Oh I completely agree op, fat people should really just stay indoors with the curtains closed at all times to avoid the sensibilities of thin people who want to exercise in peace!!
By the way, which pool did you say you went to again.....just so I know to avoid it?confused

squoosh Tue 11-Jul-17 18:05:32

Maybe they're still in the pool and their skin has gone all pruney, and they're thinking 'whenever someone reignites the bloody thread it means we're stuck here for another year'.

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