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To think it's awful the way some people try to justify their children being overweight

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Tulahoob Tue 19-Feb-13 10:55:58

by saying they just "are tall and big boned" or that they "like their food". And by thinking it's almost a good thing that they're big!

I know two people with overweight children. Person 1 has 4 extremely overweight children. The parents are both tall and overweight, and the kids are all fairly tall, but the mum justifies them being big by saying 'They're just tall and they like their food'. It's clear they like their food, but they're not giants, and regardless of height they are all very overweight. The mum is almost proud of the fact that her children never stop eating. It's quite odd really; she's setting them up for a lifetime of having the piss taken out of them and a lifetime of bad eating habits and potentially bad health. Her eldest child even came came out as overweight on those weight/height ratio tests they do in reception year and she was proud of it because it meant he is tall and loves his food.

Person 2 has one son, who is again extremely overweight and is getting called names at school such as "Fatty". He is 7. She is up in arms about the mickey taking but insists he isn't fat, but that he just loves his food. Again, she is setting him up for the same problems that person one is setting their kids up for.

I know we are all blinkered where our kids are concerned. But surely over something like this some people can see that their children really are overweight?

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Fri 22-Feb-13 17:01:36

That's an interesting point curry remember that experiment they did with a journalist swapping her regular food for diet food? She gained three pounds as it didn't fill her up, give her the energy to go about her usual active life and she ate more as a result of seeking the satisfaction missing from the taste.

fuzzpig Fri 22-Feb-13 21:12:06

Thanks for the links TSC. Will study it at length later, and show DH. He gives the DCs portions that are too big. I don't blame him as he was an abused and neglected child and was often starving. It's not hard to see why he associates food with love when he was deprived of both.

OTOH I think although we both have issues with food (I am a comfort/boredom eater) and we don't provide the healthiest diet due to too many snacks, I am fairly confident that at least the attitude we show the DCs is quite relaxed IYSWIM so hopefully we aren't making the DCs anxious about food. DD (5) has started saying things about certain foods being bad or good - from school I guess - and we have tried to encourage balance and moderation. However as I said we do need to provide healthier food overall. It's hard ATM as we are both unwell and struggling generally so I just want to make gradual changes.

Thoroughly agree with the not finishing your plate thing. I only started learning to leave food on my plate in the last few years - I'm 26! It really started in my second pregnancy - whopper DS who I mentioned upthread took up so much room in utero that I could barely eat towards the end. Since then I've started to confront the psychological feelings about leaving food and can now easily leave something that I don't have room for.

I tell myself that even though it seems a waste to leave food, it is just as much of a waste if I eat it and then regret it/feel too stuffed!

user1493285860 Thu 04-May-17 11:42:34

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Mulberry72 Thu 04-May-17 12:57:52


Sparklingbrook Thu 04-May-17 13:09:54

Nice bit of spam for the ZOMBIE. hmm

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