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To expect the same amount of free time at the weekend as DH?

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clarycat Sun 17-Feb-13 19:29:48

I am so cheesed off that catching up with the housework seems to take up most of my weekend daylight hours, and yet DH has at least 6 hours each day for leisure. Evenings are different - my butt hits the sofa and that's that!

I'm not saying he does nothing because he does help out on Sunday morning but I will continue all the while he's out.

I really wish I could develop a strategy for keeping on top of things during the week and having hardly anything to do at the weekend, but again it's me doing it all. I work just beyond school hours, and when I get in of an evening I finally sit at around 6:30.

I'm sure there are others worse of, but I'm only referring to what I feel is the injustice within my own four walls.

McNewPants2013 Sun 17-Feb-13 23:19:20

I don't get the job excuss, if they wasn't in a relationship what the hell would they do.

forevergreek Mon 18-Feb-13 07:38:19

Can't he shop online during lunch break? Surely everyone can manage to click bread/ bananas etc whilst munching a sandwich!

Sorry but he just sounds darn lazy. We both work full time, both long hours, Both manage to get food on the table, play with kids etc etc. even our 3 year old can load the dishwasher and 18month old lays the table!

havingamadmoment Mon 18-Feb-13 07:42:53

If you want spare time just stop doing things...
Regardless of what your dh is soon just push the pile of crap off the couch ( or is that just my house?) sit down and put the tv on.
If the kids are fed and not too dirty then you can relax for a couple of hours without anyone dying surely.

bbface Mon 18-Feb-13 07:45:14

Many men have lower housework standards that women. Fact!

So it seems a bit controlling to demand that they eat into their free time to spend hours cleaning to bring the house to a standard that suits you.

You need to meet half way. You need to lower YoUr standards, and he needs to up HIS standards.

bbface Mon 18-Feb-13 07:46:33

And for those who say forget about the mess, as someone who likes a clean and tidy house, I appreciate that that solution is simply not going to work.

If you like things cleans and tidy, you can not relax if your house is a bit of a sh@thole.

ledkr Mon 18-Feb-13 08:04:58

We had a hilarious conversation at the weekend about how dh "just isn't as bothered by housework as you"
I told him that is because he doesn't need to cos I do.
I am currently enjoying a leisurely breakfast with the dc before work and school. It's lovely when you feel so relaxed about housework grin
His parents are coming today. There is nothing to eat or drink no clean bed and a dirty bathroom.
Gosh I feel relaxed grin <stretches>

HorizonFocus Mon 18-Feb-13 09:26:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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