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4 years jail with mental health issues

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ruledbyheart Sun 17-Feb-13 18:23:00

Genuine AIBU as the general consensus in RL is IBU but I don't think I am.

In my local paper this week two men with mental health issues have been jailed for burning down a grade 2 building, the motive of the main instigator is revenge for the owners firing him.

The accomplice is well known to me and I grew up with him, he is a very gental guy with various mental health issues including autism, he has a lower mental age than he actually is and he is very much a sheep in the way he lives because he doesn't know better, he doesn't live independently and needs help with a lot of things.

Now the main instigator got accomplice drunk and drove to the building (accomplice had no reason to burn said building down and wouldn't have been able to get there if wasn't for the instigator hadn't have drove) at building several bottles were lit by instigator and although at first accomplice said he wasn't involved it transpired in court that
He had lit and thrown one bottle after being egged on possibly threatned to do it.

Accomplice has been sentenced to 4yrs in prison, I find this throughly unfair due to the mental health issues and am concerned how someone with a much lower mental age will cope in prison if he can't cope in everyday life, a lot of people cherished the building and therefore think its a good result but AIBU to think otherwise?

patchesmcp Sun 17-Feb-13 20:00:40

YABU. As Lahlee says someone could have died. Would you think the sentence was justified then? Courts don't just look at the harm caused, they also consider the risk of harm caused which in the case of arson could be huge.

The individual's mental health issues can't be that severe as otherwise he'd me unfit to plead and he wouldn't be going to prison if convicted, he'd be going to a hospital.

The court would have had reports available to it when sentencing from probation and his psychiatrist/gp if his solicitor thought they were necessary, so far more information than you have.

Finally, courts aren't there to give people the sentence they "need." Sentence is determined to a large extent on the purpose behind the sentence - the purpose of prison is punishment and a deterrent sentence to others. That is obviously what the court wanted to achieve in this case, and probably what it has done.

Sorry, if that sounds harsh as I appreciate your position, but as a member of the public the sentence sounds fine to me.

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