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Split of costs in a marriage AIBU?

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Mugofteaforme Sun 17-Feb-13 13:21:38

I've been married to a great woman for seven months (proceeded by a six year relationship). So we can get married I put all the expenses on my credit card (I know I know), and additionally until recently pay all the household bills. My wife has just come to term with her creditors for reduced payments so she's now about £600 a month better off. Out of this £600 she gives me £130 a month so I'm paying the rent + expenses of about £1000 a month and the Wedding costs of about £400 a month. I earn £27000 a year and my wife about £18-20000. If I was a rich man I wouldn't worry, but I'd love to know what a typical split would be. We don't have any children. AIBU to expect more financial help.

CatsRule Sun 17-Feb-13 22:15:17

I think you need to talk as you will end up resenting this...not the money exactly but the situation.

The wedding debt is both of were both at the wedding! Regardless, when you're married problems should be shared.

My dh earns more than me but we both put equal amounts into the joint account. Whats left in mine usually buys shopping and fuel because I get paid before him and dh usually pays for nicer things and helps towards food etc if needed. Even though this money is in separate accounts we both consider it ours. Neither of us need to ask each other for money.

That, in my opinion, is what being in a marriage is about...we share the good and bad.

BadLad Mon 18-Feb-13 03:30:15

Here's a thread from elsewhere that might help you, OP

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