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Aristocrat has dropped a log in my bog.

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cardibach Sat 16-Feb-13 17:57:08

Royalty peed in my DD's friend's loo. Friend was very casual about it.

grovel Sat 16-Feb-13 17:56:58

It smells of lavender. He did not flush (his manservant wasn't available).

Montybojangles Sat 16-Feb-13 17:51:34

YABU, I thought they all shat roses, not trees

KurriKurri Sat 16-Feb-13 17:50:04

was it Lord Lucan?

complexnumber Sat 16-Feb-13 17:49:15

Male or female? Somehow I think it matters.

grovel Sat 16-Feb-13 17:44:57

I'm so proud.

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