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to get excessively annoyed by TV programmes where something must be done in limited time.?

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TaggieCampbellBlack Sat 16-Feb-13 10:45:55

Like cooking things, bake off or gardening or renovating a house in 24 hours.

And its all dramatic music and massive pressure and Oh No we're running out of time and it's all stressy.

Why do they not just give themselves as much time as it takes.

I wouldn't only give myself 10 minutes to make a pavliva or expect paint to dry in half an hour.

So what's the point?

Veritate Sat 16-Feb-13 15:01:07

Sorry, mad, not made.

letsgomaths Sat 16-Feb-13 17:12:08

The Crystal Maze was before all this "Coming up after the break..." mania. Yes, it very much played on time pressure, but that was part of the game.

"You've got to get your skates on!"

gymmummy64 Sat 16-Feb-13 17:16:34

But despite all the time pressures, the commentator still needs to recap on the action every 10 minutes plus trail the next 10 minutes. If they cut out all the recapping and trailing, they'd have about 15 minutes programming for every half an hour's viewing I reckon

I might need a recap on a series I last saw a week ago, but not 10 minutes ago. Neither do I need to know what's 'coming up' if the programme only last half an hour. Lazy and very annoying programme making

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